If delivered early the 1st time - did you go early 2nd time?

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JourneyNo2 Posts: 220
Hey There I went into spontaneous labour on DS at 36 weeks and 5 days and had a fairly quick (about 5 hours) uncomplicated unmedicated labour - DS was technically a preemie but given that he weighed a good 6lbs6oz and he was only technically one day premature he didnt have to go on antibiotics and all was good. I know that most of the midwives at the time were very surprised that I had such a quick labour on a first baby ( was 9 cms when I got to hosp much to my surprise !) and they are all saying I will likely have an even quicker labour on this babs but what I want to know is................ should I be expecting to go early again .............. so any mums out there who delivered early - did you do so on your second pregnancy or do you know of anyone who did????????????????????? Thanks
amimad Posts: 99
Hi, I went 2 weeks early on DD but went 2 weeks late on DS O:| O:| O:|
momof3 Posts: 510
I went 8wks early on dd, 18hr labour. 2 days early on ds , 19hr labour. I take every labour and baby as different and anything could happen
carlie2012 Posts: 127
Journeyno2 i would be interested to hear as well, i had ds 8weeks early, actually was back in for a scan yesterday and they had me go up to maternity to have the steriods injection for babs lungs just in case. had these on ds as well at 28weeks . back this afternoon for another dose and then back in 4 weeks so they seem to be keep a eye on me thankfully
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
DD1 came 3 days early 4 hours labour, DD2 arrived a week early and was an hour!!! Am dreading no 3 think I'll prob just have to sneeze and bub will arrive :o0 With earlier than 37 weeks it can be difficult to tell if ur next will be the same. My mum had me at 34 weeks but both my brothers were only 1 day early so don't think it necessarily follows unless there was a specific condition that made u deliver early sorry can't be more help I would keep it in ur head that u will prob go to full term this time
JourneyNo2 Posts: 220
Thanks Guys I thought as much - no real pattern to indicate that I will go early this time - need to get that out of my head or I will be hovering by the door for weeks !!!! Did have slightly raised blood pressure for afew weeks before last delivery so I am sure they will watch for that this time again no doubt but my pregnancy has been pretty different this time so who knows !!