If men got pregnant...

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snowbear Posts: 2107
hagfromhell Posts: 2146
There is nothing I can add to that list as you have summed it up better than I ever could!
jill80 Posts: 565
... .... .... the human race would possibly be extinct :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0
benny313 Posts: 821
Oh Miranda you made me laugh thanks for that I needed it :o0
frangipani Posts: 1543
that made me smile Miranda H couldn't put it better myself :o0 if men were pregnant referring to maternity leave as "6 months of holidays" would be an imprisonable offence i think.
hagfromhell Posts: 2146
Found these..... Maternity leave would last for two years...with full pay. There'd be a cure for stretch marks Natural childbirth would become obsolete Morning sickness would rank as the nation's number one health problem All methods of birth control would be improved 100 percent effectiveness Children would be kept in the hospital until they were toilet trained Men would be EAGER to talk about commitment They wouldn't think twins were quite so cute Fathers would demand thaqt their SONS be home from dates by 10:00pm Men could use THEIR briefcases as diaper bags They'd have to stop saying,"I'm afraid I'll drop him." Paternity suits would be a line of clothes They'd stay in bed for the entire nine months Menus at most restaurants would list ice cream and pickles as an entree Women would rule the world!
Emme Posts: 4735
If a pregnant man said 'I'm so tired' his lovely wife would never reply with 'I know how you feel' O:|
neeov Posts: 4256
They would stay in hospital for 6 weeks but the baby would go home with the mom on day 1 so Dad could rest. Your MIL would move in to take care of him for 9 months. The mom would breastfeed the baby
snowbear Posts: 2107
E B Posts: 276
aww why's the original list gone?