If money was no object what buggy/carrycot/pram would u buy?

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08mum2b Posts: 48
i've just started looking around at the different buggys, prams etc out there and there are so many. So I'm just wondering if money was no object what pram or buggy would you buy? I think for me at the moment its the bugaboo cameleon.
mrs.smiffy Posts: 1747
We're getting this one the only thing I really dont like about this one is that you can only get it in black or in a brown-shade. If I could choose the colour it would be red!!! It's quite dear but it's a good value for money and it's not difficult to fold it and not that heavy either...
justwaitin Posts: 2462
i have the cameleon, and its money well spent, but i love the big carraige type silver cross prams, not at all practical, though.
allexcitednow Posts: 654
DEF bugaboo cameleon. Love it but just way too expensive!!