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2crazy Posts: 1478
Asks me the date of Our Wedding when they have been told a million times, I will seriously b1tch slap them lol :o0 I don't mind Aunts and Uncles who live abroad but when it comes to HTB mum and dad not remembering the date I feel like O:| O:| O:| and his Mum and Sisters still want to see the dress even though I've told them it's only my mum who will see it. Is it too late to elope?? O:o)
MrsWhippy09 Posts: 2346
I know the feeling! O:| My H2bs family are terrible for remembering the dates of anything!! I got a birthday card from my MIL and FIL at the beginning of this month .. my birthday is in December! :o0 My in laws keep thinking the wedding is this December but its [i:3gqd1w0w]next[/i:3gqd1w0w] December. Its like they have a mental block or something...
pricilla Posts: 1564
When is it? :o0
2crazy Posts: 1478
17th September :o0 Glad I am not the only one who is being put through this. My nosey Aunt told my relatives in England We are getting married 30th July so they booked flights and now have to change them :o( I feel like telling HTB family not to ask again, if they do I will flee the country :o0
milis Posts: 7998
:o0 :o0 :o0 I've had this from FRIENDS who are young enough to just bloody keep ONE date in their heads!
AHappyMrs Posts: 622
Well i can understand ur frustration... The other day, just out of interest i asked my H2B when we were getting married...he said 7th April 09... i said no...he said March?.. i said nope... so he said i give up!!! its the 15th April 2009 for flip sake!!!.... is it too much to ask that the man im marrying remember when he has to be at the church!!!! :o0
2crazy Posts: 1478
bless him, luckily HTB remembers the date but doesn't get my frustration at his family. At least most of my family remember lol :o0
AHappyMrs Posts: 622
Well i could safely say neither of my sister's could tell me the date im getting married if i asked them... the two of them are my bridesmaids O:| I know no one should have to show a big interest as its not that exciting for other people...but they aren't really bothered to be honest..it saddens me a little... but my best friend who is my CBM is fab and i think she might be a little more excited than i am :o0 so that makes up for the sisters!! I suppose closer to actual wedding dates is when people will start remembering as they need to make sure they've the time off!!!
2crazy Posts: 1478
My CBM is a doll, best friends since we were kids, she is so excited esp since we are getting married around the same time. The whole forgetting the date thing is just tip of the iceberg, htb sis is other BM and is making things as difficult as possible with me with regards to the Hens. Sometimes I feel like O:| but It will be worth it in the end :-8
honeybee Posts: 624
Hi Crazy, Come back to me when your SIL2B doesnt turn up at the designate time for her hair apptm on the day of your wedding and you have to call her 20mins later and be asked: 'What The Hair Is Now'? and she turns up another 20mins later with no apologises and then you get a call from the H2B asking you to go easier on his sister. It will be all worth it ofcourse but people can be so inconsider it. edited to say all my bms received an email with their hair times a text message and a telephone call, so it wasnt a case of just not knowing.