if shop has not got dress you want why do you have to pay ?

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blueeyes14 Posts: 207
hi all just have a question i have read 2msgs here girls said shop had not got dress they wanted but shop ordered it in one girl was charged 50euro another 80euro one said she liked the dress when it was ordered in so the 50euros was taken off price of the dress thats ok but what if they order in the dress for you and you do not like it do you not get your money back?if you do not that seems so unfair just need to know before i go into the bridal shops looking for my dress thanks.
hunky_dorey Posts: 2714
I think this is when the shop doesn't stock the dress that the bride wants to try on, like a maggie dress, say there are 100 different dresses but shop only stocks 10, you pay the shop to specially order in the dress you want. Not all shops will do this by the way, the only place I've heard that does this is Alexanders in Dublin for Maggie Sottero dresses.
May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
Cameo bridal in Kilkenny is doin this for me for April 21st. €100 they are charging me for the porsha lynette Maggie sottero dress.
Yoda Posts: 3340
I paid €50 to check out a Benjamin Roberts sample dress against an Elias Dress and if I chose the Benjamin Roberts dress the €50 came off the bill ( which I did ) but if I had gone for the other dress I still would have had to pay which I did not mind as if I did not see the two dresses it would have wreaked my head, I agree no way the shops would have very type of dress :wv
casa Posts: 117
bridal shop samples aren't free to the shops- they have to buy them, so if they don't have the dress you want to see they have 2 options - they can either buy a sample (which wouldn't really be cheap!) or they can get a 'loan' of the manufacturer's sample which they have to pay a fee for + carriage to get it and to send it back. This is why they charge a fee to cover this cost.