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katrina Posts: 294
[quote:1c66ogyv]CHEESE oh i love cheese.[/quote:1c66ogyv] Me too if it was anything it would be chesse mmmmmm
nickyk12 Posts: 120
hey 1432... if u find out pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease let me know...
Bridezilla07 Posts: 2237
[quote:1pgoggbi]Dont think I could pick just one food, but here are my faves Chicken Fajitas Nachos Any mexican food Lasange Fillet Steak & Home-made chips Pizza[/quote:1pgoggbi] Snap Miss Hopeful and the spicier the better - love Indian food too! Too cruel to ask to choose just one!! I suppose you can tell from those foods why I'm constantly dieting :? Serves me right!!
wowee Posts: 1596
Definitely potatoes for me too!!! :lol: Chips, Roasties, Mash, Baked, Boiled, Fried.... I'm STARVING now :roll: