If you had to choose, wine or toast?

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skittles Posts: 1312
we were supposed to marry in lanzarote and have just decided to change our plans and have it at home although the budget hasnt changed so things will be tight.closer to the time i hope things will look a bit better and we'll be able to have both but if you had to choose between having wine on the table or a toast what would you choose?
jimmyjoemango Posts: 166
I voted wine on the table because you can use your glass of wine for the toast aswell.
mrsjun08 Posts: 2299
I voted wine coz I really like wine! :o0
merlot Posts: 113
No doubt about it, I (and most others I'd imagine) would prefer to have wine instead of a toast. People wouldn't miss the toast whereas a wedding woudn't be the same without a glass or two of vino with the meal!
Dora the explorer Posts: 1570
I only having wine and using that for the toast as well, not unusual now.
mrsjun08 Posts: 2299
ya these days people have one or the other rarely both. Weddings are just too expensive
rosebelle Posts: 346
The last number of weddings i've been too have all had both wine and a toast, but I have to say I prefer just wine! Like wine with my meal, and i think most people nowadays will drink wine, apart from my OH who hates the stuff!
she Posts: 3298
i think wine looks better on the tables but having said that there is still alot of people that dont drink wine so maybe go for the toast
monkeybear Posts: 1926
I reckon wine on the table it can be used for the toast too
edit Posts: 982
I'd prefer the toast drink. I drink wine but I know if I'm going on a session all day I won't mix drink so it just goes to waste sitting there on the table. I know a lot of people go with tradition on the wine thing but it can be a waste of money IMO so I'd rather people actually get what they drink instead.