if your LO only takes 2 naps - help

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Busy Mom Posts: 2910
if your LO only takes 2 naps a day what time are they? DS is 9mths and wakes at 630am, naps at 9am for 1.5hrs and naps again at 2pm for 1hr but come 630pm hes a nightmare to get ready for bed cuz hes too tired but 5pm is too late to be putting him down again.
babyblaBBer Posts: 2448
DS is 10 months, he gets up at 7-7.30. first nap is 9ish for 45 mins and then second nap is 12-12.30 for 2 hours. he still gets tired at about 5 but DH gets home from work then and that gives DS a 2nd wind. is always ready for bed at 7pm.HTH
keyra Posts: 801
My DD is only 6 months but she is a nightmare to get down for a nap during the day. She wakes between 6:30-7:30 and goes back for a nap of 45 mins (max) at 10:00, then another 45 mins at 1:30 so by 5:30 she is wrecked so i put her in her buggy and she has a nap for no more than 15 minutes and its just enough so that she stays up till 8 or 8:15 and she isnt like a demon when DH comes home, if she doesnt have the 40 winks at 5:30 she would be in bed by 7:00 and up at 5:30am. It was trial and error for me and this works great for us but might not suit everyone to have babs up so late.
jmeath Posts: 5740
DS fell into his own routine and seems to only nap twice a day.... once he is p 1 1/2 - 2hrs in the morning (wakes 7-7.30) he goes back to ed for 1 -2 hrs... then he will sleep fo 30mins- 1hr in the afternoon and mabe 20mins later in the evening and go to bed around 9pm... i dunno how he stays awake so late!
Bright Flower Posts: 483
My DD is 9 months and wakes around 7.30am, naps at around 10am for an hour and again around 2pm for an hour. Gets tired in the evening, but dinner and bath revive her and then she goes to bed around 7.15pm.
yorkie Posts: 375
DS is nearly 9 months. He gets up around 7.30am. 1st nap around 10.30 for 1.5-2 hrs. 2nd nap around 4pm for 1.5-2 hrs. Going to bed at 8.30pm.
funkyfish Posts: 7626
DS only ever took 2 9am for an hour and a half and again at 2pm like you LO.... occasionally he naps at 5pm i let him if he needs it he needs it...... he still sleeps at night time at the usual time this cat nap doesn't upset him.. try bathing LO at 6pm to get an extra half hour out of them...