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notsaying Posts: 53
nea dude Posts: 749
It's different, not common. I would be 50/50 for the name, but it will be your baby so only you can decide on what you want.
Woodstock Posts: 1565
Trying to think where I heard Sonny before.. wasn't Sonny Michael Corleone's eldest brother in The Godfather?
blissful2b Posts: 1555
it's an old name isn't it? everyone called my Dad Sonny... can't really imagine a young child with it these days but sure if you both like it and it suits ur surname go for it!
sapphire09 Posts: 393
Sophie Ellis-Bextor named her son Sonny didn't she? I think it's cute....
Delish Posts: 4176
Sonny and chere! it's nice more different than i've heard in a while.
maisedon Posts: 1394
I don't like it...Sorry
fantac Posts: 4109
i know a sonny - he's cute - mum's american though so i think that gets them away with it a bit more. i think its cute, but not sure i'd use it myself, we are too square to carry it off!
Jeidi Posts: 3128
I think its cute, but DH's grandfather was called Sonny, and he left the grandmother years and years ago and is a pig so that name wont go down too well in our house!!!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
I love the name Sonny, but by the time we got preggers we had already named our dog Sunny, so it was vetoed. And in all fairness it might have been a bit confusing for them both :o0 But I think it's such a nice name; always think of the Paul Simon lyric in the Obvious Child : 'Sonny gets sunnier, day by day, by day by day by daaaayyyy...'