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oneillj6 Posts: 463
Anyone find IKEA any good for getting baby things for the nursery?
aisleen Posts: 286
Hi one, We were just up in Ikea last friday! We were buying a load of stuff for our new house but picked up a fair bit of furniture and other bits for baby too. They are great value, as long as you have someone to assemble all the furniture. And of course as long as you can transport it home. We hired a van and it worked out fine. A
fantac Posts: 4109
we went up with DD when she was about 4 weeks old - manic trip - we left after her 3am feed - but SO much fun, we had a ball! they had lovely nursery furniture, but we were only after a reclining armchair for the nursery, got a lovely one, great for falling asleep in during night feeds! they also had lovely curtains, lightshades, linens, changing mats, great grobags, HEAPS of lovely wooden toys, yeah basically some really nice stuff and not everyone is going to have it like the m+p ranges - that was a big plus for me!
oneillj6 Posts: 463
Super so the goods are of decent quality yeah? and worth the trip? Or would I just be better shopping around in Dublin. If its worth the drive I think I'll head up soon as if I leave it any longer I'll be too big and tired and just won't be bothered and prob just get the first thing I see :o0
MUMS THE WORD Posts: 733
hi - can't recommend IKEA enough - bought loads of bedroom furniture for my own room last week - spent the whole weekend assembling it myself - but it was so worth it!!!! My DH isn't exactly the DIY kind, and i'm much more experienced and better at it than he is - so needless to say if i can assemble it - ANYONE CAN!! Furniture is just fab in my room - so sturdy, compact and roomy - i'm loving it... i've never been so organised!!!! Maybe it's the nesting starting!!!!!!!!!
bellabella Posts: 2750
i got this changing mat.It is atteched to the wall in the bathroom I love it.