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lenadmp Posts: 139
Sorry for not posting any messages in a few weeks. I was unable to log on?? I just had my scan there last thursday. My mum ,mum in law, husband were all in the room. It was a really nice moment to see the little sproggy jumping around the place. Fibroids are doing well all 13cm ( all 3 of them) so I think the natural way of delivery is a big no no. Consultant says if they dont shrink by then it will be a c section- ye ha!!!! Im huge by the way and my boobies are massive.I got priority boading last weekend because of the bump and here was me worried about travelling with an out of date passport (3 years) as could not find my current one- oophs! So glad to hear of everyones progress. And so sorry to hear of the losses esp angelmum and little miss sunshine- I said loads of prayers for you guys. XX
NotHere Posts: 10273
Hey Lena, I was thinking of you earlier, actually think of you quite a bit, possibly because I'm having trouble with a tooth, LOL! :o0 Delighted you got to see your little babs on the screen. How far along are you? I always forget when there are no tickers.
mummy bear Posts: 3824
welcome back leanap
lenadmp Posts: 139
Thanks guys!! I thought I was 15 1/2 weeks but im only 14 weeks now.! Ill have to put a ticker on. Whats wrong with the tooth!! Let Dr Tooth take care of it- would you believe i have a little toothache of my own!! Hey double trouble- its not twins boo hoo!!
NotHere Posts: 10273
I have an appointment with my dentist in a couple of weeks so will get it checked out then! It's just never recovered from the filling :o( 14 weeks! You're not far ahead of me. I'm hoping it doesn't turn out I'm less that I thought because I want to shout it from the rooftops next week.
lenadmp Posts: 139
Dont worry Fluttergal you wont be. I had the longest cycles in history. So I didnt know where I was. The date of what they say was conception I was away without my husband!!???
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Welome Back to the horse dentist! :o0 :wv Great to have you back - missed having you about! God love you having all those fibroids - that's very unlucky. Hope they are not going to be too painful? Mind yourself!