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Judy Posts: 612
Hi girls I havnt been around in about 6 months and although there seems 2 be a lot of new users around some of you may remember me. Ive been so busy with new business I havnt got loggin on an im now four months preggers so i just had 2 share my news. To all the girls who were trying then id love to hear your news and indeed hello to all the new girlies! :wink:
willthiswork Posts: 1995
That's brilliant Judy! How's the business going?
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
congrats judy hope all is going well for you.
over the moon Posts: 676
Welcome back Judy, Well haven't you been busy with new business and baba on the way. Good luck with everything. Over the Moon [url=][img:1tlocfs3][/img:1tlocfs3][/url:1tlocfs3]
Gerbera Posts: 539
Congrats Judy. I do remember you from a while back. Fair play to you with the new business and the baby on the way, well done!
charlie crown Posts: 377
Hi Judy I remember you well, I've changed my username but I remember we were from quite near each other and got married around the same time too! I'm also pregnant but only just, I got my BFP a couple of days ago, welcome back and congraulations :D
Frankie Posts: 1571
Congrats Judy!
Judy Posts: 612
thanks girls all is going well wtw, and charlie I think I rem you too congrats on the BFP!
Princess Atora Posts: 275
Hiya Judy! I remember you well. Big congratulations on the bump, i think i remember that we were very close in cycles when posting about ttc!! I am almost 6 months gone myself now :D Hope all is going great with the business. Welcome back x
shellem Posts: 410
remember you too Judy- congrats on your news! I'm another one who got married around the same time as you and now I'm over 28 weeks pregnant. Welcome back and glad to hear everything going so well for you.