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lola bride Posts: 794
Im not sure if im posting this in the corerct section - i suppose i am letting off steam. Not really keen on giving too much away, but i work for a multinational comapny that own a small r&d company and when i started (1 yrs ago) i was doing ap (accounts payable) then in may the girl that did everything else (an accounts assistant) got promoted and i took over everything she did. Now ive been moved to a different manager (doing same job, just different boss) and now do all the accounts for this small company apart from payroll, i even do the management accounts that need to be sent to hq. Well 2 contractors left last week, one of them did all the eu vat returns and that has been dished out to myself and 2 others, so im doing 3 monthly vat returns and the other person that left, i was handed his job (as well as my own) The last 2 weeks, i havent looked at my day to day stuff and have been working late most evenings. Anyway last sept i was told i would be promoted to accounts assistant soon and then in feb i was told again it would be soon! My rant is that im being taken for granted! Im doing two jobs (my own job alone had doubled in size in the last year) and im not getting paid for them! We dont get paid overtime and my new boss doesnt bank any of the hours ive worked extra, as he expects his staff to work overtime! Im really annoyed about this. Ive missed 2 nights in college this wk already due to working late. What should i do? Im just really frusterated and im thinking of leaving. I just feel like crying every day coz of the stress of it all, never mind my finals coming up in 7 weeks and then the wedding in 3 months! Ok rant over! Help!! Advice needed!
Moet for me Posts: 1841
Poor thing Lola Bride that is hard going. Bosses try to get the most they can get out of their staff, you have to learn how to say no to him that is the only answer. As regards all the overtime well I think you should say that you will cut back unless you can get time in lieu or something. In the last place I worked there was no such thing as time in lieu but if you were late into work or took a couple of hours off here and there nobody batted an eyelid so while it still went in the companies favour I didn't feel I was been taken for a ride IYKWIM
Ceana Posts: 1387
Sorry Lola to hear of your situation!!! The same thing happens in my work and at the end of the day, you just have to say I have other work to do and you dont have the time. Have a chat maybe with your supervisor or boss and say how you feel. Its hard to juggle work, college & planning for a wedding and if he/she does'nt understand that! Of course they will try and get you to do so much and at the end of your day if your not happy, I would start looking for another job. You dont need that grief! Hope this is of some help. Best of luck with it!
lola bride Posts: 794
Thanks girls, I need to go an talk to me boss about the situation and about money. He wants me to start working on the main accounts so he can keep me, so i reckon if i talk about leaving ill get what i want (hopefully) Anyway, im just so stressed about the workload, that i fel like crying. I was like this in my previous job and ended up leaving. Will start looking after my exams for a new job if things dont change!
jenny78 Posts: 164
organise a meeting with your boss and make two lists 1 of everything you are supposed to do in your job and the 2nd everything you have taken on - without questioning. Remind him you have college and tell him about the late hours - what is stated in your contract? Do you have to work overtime and not get paid or time in lieu? Let him know you are not happy. See what he says - if nothing happens go to HR.
Moet for me Posts: 1841
Lola if you have to leave 2 jobs over workload then you really do have to start speaking up for yourself especially if you like the job. This will happen again if you are the type of person who will just get on with it and not complain or just say no to work.
lola bride Posts: 794
No i didnt leave my last job because of workload. I left because it wasnt what i wanted to do, had been thinking about it for yrs but the motivation came when i changed sections and that boss was a bully. Will be speaking with my boss about this place nxt week in our weekly 1:1