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LittleAJ Posts: 68
Havent been on here since my little one was overdue last April. But Im on again just to vent...Ive been walking around all day with my little one in her pram (im still on maternity leave for the next 3 weeks). Only came home coz it was freezing. Well, DH and I havent really been trying as such to have another baby. Next year is very busy and very exciting for me with a new venture I am working on. But I thought, sure if I get pregnant then so be it, its meant to be! I can still work away on my new project anyway, so I just thought, wouldnt it be lovely to have another little baby too. I have been watching friends have babies the last few months and a little envious of them. Today I am 2 days late and about 13 DPO I think. Not too sure on that score. Anyway, I did a test then jumped in the shower. When I got out I saw a faint line on a Cassette Test. I nearly fell over. DIdnt know whether to laugh or cry. But deep down I know Im over the freakin moon. DH is at work and I had mentioned to him yesterday that I was a day or so late. He Smiled!! I waited for DD to wake up and backed her into her pram all snug as a bug coz its freezing out. I couldnt sit around all day. I ran in and out of the bathroom about a dozen times then looked up "Very Very faint line on Pregnancy test" on Google. I got mixed responses...Most were saying any line is a line. Then I remembered i had a FR one from last year and so I said Id wait til I came home til I took it. ABout 3 hours later I took the FR test (about 2pm today)....Again my eyes nearly popped out of my head. I got another faint line, but there is definitely a line. To be honest, I walked around the local town earlier with a big cheesy smile on my face but also with a look of "Oh Jesus WTF" aswell. I texted DH when I took the second one to ask him if he could come home for lunch as I wanted to run something by him. He got all worried but he couldnt make it home. I think he suspects something after what I told him yesterday. Dyyyying to share this with someone....Asked DD how does she feel about being a big sister and she just giggled. I remembered that I had a tiny bit of spotting on Tue eve. Thought it was AF so used the necessary and woke up the next morning....all clean. THen later yesterday I noticed a little briwn discharge (sorry tmi)....Im all over the place....Dying to jump from the rooftops but worried it might be a chemical pregnancy...ANyone got the time to tell me whats going on? Im so confused....
Dollydo Posts: 759
I've no experience with the chemical but just wanted to say congratulations, it's obviously going to be a very exciting year ahead for you :-)
LittleAJ Posts: 68
Aw thanks Dollydo. Congrats to you too. I see you havent long to go now. xx
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
How are things?
LittleAJ Posts: 68
Aw thanks for asking lizzie. I'm happy to announce that yes I'm pregnant. Hubby came home on thur from work and asked what was up. I was hold DD at the time and when i told him tbst DD was going to be a big sister he just gushed. he got sooo excited and exactly the same as before I rushed him into the en suite to check the "lines" and he was well convinced they were strong enough lines on both tests. So I spent thurs night barely sleeping and took another test at 5am. Got a much stronger line. Went off to the doctor later in the day as just wanted it confirmed before the weekend (had a busy weekend) and eventually a lil faint line came up. To be honest I had no more pee left. So I am pregnant and though it took me the last few days to get my head around our little shock or surprise, I am just thrilled. Finding it weird going back to the beginning again so soon buying pregnacare and keepi g it secret. We were with loads of family members and friends over the weekend and it was mad not telling anyone. It's definitely a different feeling to the last one. Feels weird that I have another one on the way that I will live just the same.
daisy2012 Posts: 619
congratulations littleAJ! I can just tell from your post that you are over the moon and so excited to be doing it all again! Your excitement is infectous! Wishing you all the best for your pregnancy x