Impending labour or wishful thinking ?!

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Hellie Posts: 32
Hi ladies Due sometime in next two weeks. Hospital going by last period have me at 7 th April but two early scans dated me upto two weeks earlier along with my combined care midwife Any how feel so crampy last two days and terrible back pain. Today I just couldn't get outta bed feeling weak and so tired ( haven't really felt too tired for whole pregnancy) and sick. Really hard to breath kept waking up thinking I was suffocating ! Just wondering if anyone else felt like this and if it's a sign of impending labour?! Prob wishful thinking ! Thank u in advance as everytime j post a topic and people reply I go to say thanks and it won't let me back in to my own topic ! So thank u anyone who has replied to any my stupid questions !
Dot Cotton Posts: 1298
Hi Hellie, i posted a similar query last week. It was a false alarm for me but the info might help you :wv viewtopic.php?f=19&t=352018