Import tax / Vat charges on Purchases ex UK

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Romie Posts: 43
Hi All I was wondering if anyone who has purchased items on-line from the UK could tell me if they had to pay any import tax or VAT Charges on items purcahsed. I am interested in buying baby equipment on line and the UK websites appear to have very competitive prices but I'm wondering will there be an extra Tax charge for bringing them into the Republic of Ireland from the UK. I would really appreciate feedback on your experiences in relation to this Thanks :thnk
Psycho Sue Posts: 1875
Hiya Romie, From my understanding, all shipments of products within the EU aren't subject to VAT or import duties, as its something to do with Free trade amoungst these countries. If it was the US, yes, you would have to pay VAT/import charges, but really only if customs stop your shipment! We send products everyday to the UK and I have bought on line loads, and never had a problem. HTH Sue
Romie Posts: 43
Hi Psycho Sue Thanks for that. I was worried that I might be hit with extra charges. Prices for baby gear are very good on the UK sites. I'll go shopping on-line now for the day :o0 (when I should be working :-8 ) Thanks for your help :thnk