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charlie crown Posts: 377
I'm really starting to get worried, I'm 5 wks today and when I got my bfp in July I lost it at 5 wks 4 days, don't think I can handle it if it happens again. I wish I could get past next week and I might feel a bit easier
mammybean Posts: 10364
You poor thing, i am trying to avoid this forum. But just remember every pregnancy is different. try not to stress out to much it wont help. if you want to chat pm or msn me xxxx
noddy Posts: 666
you will be fine charlie dont fret about it cos that will only cause u stress which isnt good for the baba. Just relax :lvs i was the same when i had my daughter i kept geetting very bad pains at around 6 weeks was freaking out thinking the worst and it all worked out fine she is a boisterious (SP) 18 month old who has me and her the hubby werapped around her little finger! :o0
Ducky Posts: 2506
Each pregnancy is unique pet, hopefully it will all be fine. Plan a nice treat for yourself to make the week go by a bit faster and give you something to look forward to. Best of luck xx
mrsjay Posts: 190
ah pet, you poor thing! not pregnant and never have been but i can just imagine what you're going through. i suppose if you just try and really believe that there is nothing in this world you can do to prevent a natural miscarriage if it's going to happen, then you'll realise there's nothing to worry about as it's not in your hands to control it. nature does its thing and we have to accept that. on the other hand, 3 out of 4 pregnancies go full term so why shouldn't yours be one of them. try and enjoy this wonderful time - enjoy it while you have it. there's plenty of time in life for feeling sad - this is a time of joy for you so grab it with both hands and make the most of it. congratulations on your pregnancy!!!!!!!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Sphynx Posts: 6795
You poor thing - I bet you could just go to sleep and wake up at 6 weeks! Or better still, when the baby is born! As I lost mine in the 12th week I think that week will be the hardest for me if I get pregnant again. I was saying this to DH last night and he pointed out that, as the others say, every pregnancy is unique. Also, if you let yourself, you could worry about things happening to this child right up until they're 21 years old (and beyond) and it won't make a blind bit of difference to how things turn out. Try to say to yourself "ok, things could go wrong. But equally things could go really right and what I think won't change that. All I can influence is the way I feel right now so I'm going to decide to enjoy this day". Probably easier said than done. Ask your little guardian angel in heavan to help you too - remember, you've got one more angel rooting for you up there this time. Good luck pet :xxx
charlie crown Posts: 377
Thanks so much girls, and of course you are right. I am going to have to accept that there is nothing I can do to change what might/might not happen, and I am ok most of the time, but then suddenly I feel panic stricken. When I posted I suppose I was looking for reassurance but actually what I got was good advice and some from those who only recently have been through terrible times themselves, so if that can happen then I have nothing to complain about. Thanks again girls much appreciated. :wv
Magicwand Posts: 85
Hi Charlie Crown - I know exactly how you feel - I had a MC at 5 weeks myself and am now just 7 weeks gone on this pregnancy - only found out at 6 weeks ! I got pregnant straight after miscarriage so it is very fresh in my mind - not that it would ever go away. I have said from the start that I am going to stay positive and that I am not going to go through this pregnancy scared and worried. All ok in theory and while I am positive about it I do dread every time I go to the loo in case I see any bleeding. As another poster here said, there really is nothing we can do and what will be will be - I hate the fact that I have no control over that. At times I try not let myself get excited as am cautiously preparing myself for anything going wrong and then at other times I get completely carried away and can see me pushing my baby in the pram etc. I suppose whay I am really trying to say is that it is perfectly understandable what you are going through but try to remember that this preganancy is completely different. Any worries or fears you have definitely use this forum as it is great for support and in the meantime if you are feeling stressed or nervous - head off for a bit of pampering to try and take your mind off it. Wishing you all the very, very best - Big hugs. :action32
charlie crown Posts: 377
Thanks Magicwand, I remember you posting very positively when you got your bfp. I remember thinking I must take a leaf out of that book! I'm really going to try. Thanks again and hope your feeling well :wv
Magicwand Posts: 85
Thanks Charlie Crown - feeling well- apart from very sore / tender boobs and a tummy that seems to be getting rounder by the minute !!! But I really cannot complain. I know it's very easy to say keep positive but we are all human and even with the best of intentions there are moments / days when negative thoughts creep in. It is hard when it is all so new as well - even now I am thinking about my symptoms - should I be having more, why am I not feeling sick (bet I'll regret saying that !!), etc - it's human nature.That said - onwards and upwards and I keep telling myself deal with whatever happens [b:2ng9c1lp]IF[/b:2ng9c1lp] it happens. Enjoy the weekend. Am off home for night to visit my Mum and don't know how I am going to keep it from her - want to wait until have first scan - that said - will be sooooo difficult to hide it over Xmas - aprt from the not drinking but if my tummy starts to get any bigger then people will definitely guess. Have a wedding over Xmas and there is no way my boobs will stay in the dress I was supposed to be wearing - aw well - another shopping trip excuse !!!! Have a great weekend