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bridalnowmam Posts: 2202
Girls I am 15 wks pg and I have started experiencing some pain When I lay down at night I usually start either on my side or on my back. However during the night I am always out for the loo and my right hip kills me trying to get out of bed. I am literally limping to the loo and back again. Even if I am in bed and awake If someone asked me to lift my leg up in the air I can't. I feel like my hip is going out of place or something, its quite worrying. During the day it never annoys me at all , Sorry really silly question has anyone had the same experiences or anything similar?
oirish Posts: 1541
Hi Bridal, you poor thing I could have written your post at the same stage. It sounds exactly like what I was diagnosed with - Pelvic Girdle Pain I've been going to physio for it and they give you a s e x y (not) elastic support belt which while not the most glamourous item, it REALLY helps. You need to get looked at by a physio asap don't let it get any worse. In a nutshell what is it is the hormone - Relaxin, softens the ligaments that support the pelvis too much which causes instability in the pelvis. Its painful I know and I started off initially feeling that pain turning in bed/getting out of bed. If you have any more questions Il help if I can but I really think you should to a physio asap and get the diagnosis and support belt. And google it too for more info.