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miss shimmer Posts: 453
I am dreading this weekend, OH said last night that his parents are coming down Friday for the weekend. They'll be staying with us. I get on really well with his parents, and don't mind seeing them at all, but dreading then staying with us all weekend. Myself and OH and DD are living in a 2 bed apartment. Its a very small apartment, its too small for us don't mind having 2 more people staying even though its only for a couple of days. Going to be so cramped, and DD isn't sleeping very well lately been waking at 5/6 most mornings. I usually get up with her if she won't go back to sleep but if OH parents are there I don't want her waking them up that early, was thinking of going out to see my parents with DD for the weekend or some of it while they're here. Would that be kind of rude though.....
Dollydel Posts: 1726
I think it would be a bit rude if you left to visit your parents when OH parents came to visit you and your their grand daughter. I wouldn't worry about waking them up early if your DD is crying, they are in your house and they will just have to put up with what happens. You never know you might get to go back to bed, they might offer to get up with her. We had OH parents up with us last weekend and I wasn't overly looking forward to it but they are no harm they do their own thing like visiting OH brothers, go for coffee etc. We don't have to be falling over them. We used to live in a 2 bed apartment and they used to come and stay with us and yes it was cramped and I do understand it can all get on top of you with the baby as well.
nissi Posts: 683
Ya i also think it would be a bit rude, there obviously planning on seeing their grand daughter and spending time with her. Its only for one weekend so i wouldnt be worrying about your dd waking them, they can sleep when they go back home :o0
Cinnabon Posts: 2626
As others have said it would be a bit rude to go out to your parents like that. Also if you did leave they may think you don't want them around their granddaughter which you don't want.
candypants Posts: 8575
Chances are they are coming to see the 3 of you, not just your OH. So yeah, it would be rude. Its a one off is it? Just bear it for OH. Has to be done unfortunately :action34
Jawl Posts: 8881
I think it would be very rude, and I'd be very offended if I was your inlaws. Why don't you make some arrangements to go out at least one of the days and all do something out of the house together?
Twirl Posts: 5598
I agree with all the others but i totally understand where you are coming from with regard to you all being on top of each other but just remember it is your home and they would understand a child waking up early in the morning so continue on as best as normal. Go to a park the next day or what about the zoo, i bet his parents havent been there in ages. ( thats if you live near dublin but im sure there is a park near you or a farm thing you could visit? ) They must live far enough away from you?
miss shimmer Posts: 453
Thanks for all the replies :) Ya think yer right just going to have to get on with it and try and organise something so we're not stuck in the apt all weekend. There travelling from Belfast and were in Galway so fair journey for them.
Cinnabon Posts: 2626
lorsteph - not sure if this would be an option but is there a hotel close by that they could stay in? The only reason I suggest that is that a friend of mine when her parents come to visit my friend pays for them to stay in the hotel beside them. And this was before the baby arrived as her OH was studying.
Roxanne Posts: 3201
I'd have to agree with the others - they want to see you and your DD, not just their son! We live in a small house and I used to get tied in knots when we had people to stay, but since DS was born, it's more take us as you find us. They will understand what it's like, so stop worrying about the baby waking early - that's what babies do. You say you get on well with them - maybe they would like to take your LO off for an outing and let you have a break? I know my parents are always dying to parade DS in the buggy when they come to visit, and they are so confident with him now, he adores them. Let them help, they'll probably be delighted. Get take aways and don't worry about cleaning!