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CEO 18 Posts: 2
Hi I am the sister of the bride and also bridesmaid as well as stand in mother of the bride and main helper of the wedding. Our mum and dad recently passed away so I really feel the pressure to help make my sisters wedding a massive success. I have been put in charge of the hen and I haven't a clue what to organise for her. She won't go away for a night or weekend, she says that she doesn't want a hen but we all know that she would love it once the time comes and she deserves some celebration - she isn't a big drinker or party animal but she is has a seriously fun goofy side to her. She is based in Derry but I haven't lived there for 20 years so I genuinely don't know anywhere- would anyone be able to give me a few ideas of what we could do?
rosie_m Posts: 13
Heya. Wow that sounds like a lot of pressure so I hope you are looking after yourself in it too. I'm similar to your sister,goofy but while I do drink I wouldn't drink much or very often. For my hen we are planning a girly sleep over. Renting a house that will sleep the whole lot of us. Air BnB have some amazing places. And then get into our pajamas,get wine, pizza, cheesy movies and fun party games. Also going to do the whole face mask thing too. I'm just not that into nightclubs and would rather us dancing and jumping around a sitting room to our favourite tunes.
Ang1e Posts: 80
Hiya, my bridesmaid planned a fabulous hen for me as she knew I wouldn't be into nightclubs and partying the whole night. We met up on a Saturday evening and I was treated to get my nails and hair done. We then went for drinks followed by dinner at a restaurant where they had live jazz performances. The following day we met up for a late lunch and had an afternoon of spa and pampering. I wouldn't be familiar with Derry either. I am sure she would appreciate and enjoy whatever you plan :) Have fun!
CasualBride Posts: 574
I think the 2 other girls have hit the nail on the head with their suggestions, and rosie's might be the best one for you to try and organise seeing as you're not familiar with restaurants and pubs in Derry anymore.. it's easy to go online and book a house and I think your sister would love it. A lot of my friends have said that we weren't that bothered about having a hen party, we'd have loved to have just had a fun, low-key night with our actual friends / sisters, but because we had to invite girlfriends of our husband's friends etc, it was just easier to have the usual big hen. But what rosie described is what a lot of us said we'd really have liked, so I think it's a great idea for your sister! Best of luck with it all!