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tinkerbella2010 Posts: 762
Hi Everyone, I just got engaged and I have NO CLUE where to start :eek . I'm trying to decide whether to get married at home or away and I can't decide. Any help would be grately appreciated. I also have no idea how much a wedding would cost. I'm hopeless!!
NemoFish Posts: 2501
Hi First of all congratulations on your engagement and welcome to your new addiction!!!! Your budget will depend on whether you decide to get married here or abroad. So thats what you need to work out first. Just think about who you want at your wedding and what you want out of the day - and this should help you towards your decision. Then set a date, and sort a venue - that would be what i would do first. Do you have any time in mind?
DutchBrideandSwedishGroom Posts: 99
Hi there, Congrats to your engagement! :thnk As said before, first decide a date for the wedding. This you need to go from there and put things in perspective and timeframe. Shop around this site (the best) for tips and tools to use around planning your wedding. On other places on the internet there are also great planners available for you to use. For example this one [url:ykdu12j3][/url:ykdu12j3] could be of help. Most of all, remember that it is all about the fun of the preparations. It is wonderful you are engaged. Enjoy this new stage of your lives together, let it sink in, enjoy it and then go over to the planning, cause you will do loads of it! Don't stress, don't panic. You can give yourself as much time as needed. ENJOY and do not expect perfection. Aim for a beautiful day to celebrate your love.
tinkerbella2010 Posts: 762
Thanks alot girls!! I'm thinking of sometime in 2010. This site definately seems to be alot of help!
NemoFish Posts: 2501
Well if you go for 2010, there is a thread - do a search for 2010 brides!!! (including the exclamation marks), the girls there are really friendly and helpful.
blueswallow Posts: 1244
Congratulations! :o)ll Just wanted to add to what's been said, really. Do take time to enjoy being engaged. We've been engaged for a couple of years and only just started planning our wedding for next year. I really enjoyed being a finacee and feel a little sadness that that phase of our relationship is over - since setting the date, I feel more like a bride-to-be than a fiancee and it's a very different feeling ... a nice one, of course! But I'm glad I took the time to enjoy 'just' being a fiancee, if that makes sense. As for your wedding, take your time and don't rush into anything until you've got a sense of what your options are. Then, as Seashelly said, decide what you want from the day and go from there.
cupcakebabe Posts: 2232
Hey congrats!! Say goodbye to your old life - finding this site signals the end of the spare time you had for anyone else :o0 :o0
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
Huge Congratulation on your engagement! You will find this site invaluable for advice/tips/suggestions, etc. We had the same dilemma on deciding here or abroad and decided on here in the end after much research, etc. Deciding on a venue and whether or not you want to book a church or have a civil ceremony will then be the first thing to decide on. That will then dictate everything else. Best of luck and enjoy the planning - congrats again! Liz :) Posts: 92
Hi, I would say there are pros and cons for getting married at home and abroad. I got married abroad and I would highly recommend it! It takes a lot of the pressure off you. You get too relax on your day and before it a lot more ( I think!). I have to say I loved it. Everybody that came had a ball. We had a party when we came back for those who couldn't make. So I am in the abroad camp! Sian x