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Nance Posts: 161
Hi All, Wondering if anyone has experienced similar symptoms at about 3 weeks? Yesterday was feeling like I had a stich in my left hand side, felt like it was in my right last week. Anyway, today, I have really severe cramps, like AF pains only worse. It's kind of all over, it's been there for an hour and then comes really bad in waves. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow but do you think this is something I should really worry about or is it normal? Haven't had any spotting and my boobs are sore and tingly. Any advice at all? Thanks!
Dootsay Posts: 958
I think you're right to go to the doc to get this checked out - from what I've read cramping & spotting (at the same time) should be checked out straight away, but I do know that in my first 12 weeks I had bad AF and back pains, probably all the worse because I didn't take any pain relief :o( but they eased off after the 12 week mark. I hope this helps in some way, but if you are in really bad pain could you ring your hospital/doc for some reassureance? Hope this helps
fraggle rocker Posts: 1426
Nance I have had those pains on and off as well, they are quite bad at night. When I was at the doctor I mentioned it and she said its just stretching in preparation for the baby. Mention it to the doctor anyway. Hope this puts your mind at ease until then.
jellybaby Posts: 2316
As long as you have no bleeding/spotting with the cramping, then it's probably just stretching pains. Your uterus starts out really small (think it's about the size of a pear) but then has to stretch over the pregnancy to accommodate a baby! I found the stretching pains worst at around 5/6/7 weeks with DD, did have them again around 11-15 weeks, but not as bad. When they started I rang my doc as well as I was convinced something was wrong, but she assured me it's completely normal, just your body making space for the baby. HTH
lou gav Posts: 508
I agree with other posts, this may just be stretch pains, but you can also get bad pains if your constapated(sp! :-8 ) Try and drink plenty of water and go for a walk and of course get plenty of fibre!!!! best of luck
Nance Posts: 161
Hi Girlies, Thanks for the replies. Just back from the hospital. I was in such agony I couldn't stand up and had to go to bed, so I rang caredoc and described the symptoms. They couldn't get a doc out so told me to go straight to A&E. Thankfully I didn't have spotting but they did find some blood in my urine and they said I have a urinary tract infection. She did an internal and took bloods, asked me tonnes of questions and they want to see me back on WEdnesday when they'll take more bloods and do a scan. It's early and they probably won't see anything but she just wants to make sure it's not an eptopic pregnancy. I'm really terrified now. What they want to see on wednesday is the hormone level in my blood double. This will confirm that the pregnancy is continuing. She did say that it could be the growing and stretching pains and it's too early to tell one way or the other, so please god everything will be ok on Wednesday.. keep your fingers and toes crossed that it will be. Don't know what to do about work. She gave me a cert and said to rest but I don't work for the most sympathetic company in the world and I don't really want to tell them yet that I am pregnant. Should I go in and hope for the best or stay at home and rest until I know for sure? What would you girls do? Thanks!
summer daisy Posts: 1336
Hi Nance I was just about to suggest that maybe you have a kidney infection or a UTI. You poor thing.. I would tell work that I have a UTI and won't be back for a few days.. Best of luck with the hospital on Wednesday.. I have my fingers and toes crossed for you!! SD
naughtybutnice Posts: 1858
Hi Nance, would take the time off work as advised. hope all goes well for you on wed-fingers crossed.
sinion Posts: 6050
Nance you poor thing, you must be in a lot of pain. Really hope you get good news on Wednesday. With regards to work, remember that it's just a job and this is your and your baby's health, if you're advised to rest then do so, you don't need to tell them you're pregnant yet.
babybrain Posts: 592
Hi Nance, I replied on the Sep post aswell. Just wanted to say that in answer to your question about job is as important as the one you're doing at the moment being pregnant!!! don't even think about going into work!!!! You don't have to tell them that you're pregnant at all, if you're worried you could always go back to your own GP and get him to write a cert that doesn't mention pregnancy. Don't even think about work at the moment..just put your feet up and rest!!! Good luck on Wednesday