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beana Posts: 306
Havent really thought about this til last night. Have 2 page boys, 2 flower girls and three bridesmaids, in what order do they walk up the aisle and where do they stand or sit when they reach the top. The young ones will prob want to sit down with their mums or dads will that look silly they walking back down the aisle to their parents seats ( flower girls and page boys). thanks xxxx
Oct09B2B Posts: 374
I figure the flower girls and page boys go first and then the bridesmaids go in reverse order, i.e. 3rd followed by 2nd and lastly the CBM. As for where they sit I think the FG's should initially sit in the pew with the BM's and the PB's with the GM's. Once the mass starts they will go to their mothers and fathers anyway - no stopping them. HTH
Bunnybaby Posts: 2701
Hi, one f girl and one p boy go up together and then the next f gril and p boy and then like op said 3, 2, 1 chief bmaid being just before you and then lik op said but if they want to sit with parents just ask them to sit as close to top as possible so they can go in to them no one will even notice them doin this
frecklz Posts: 1839
The priest/celebrant will tell you at your rehearsal. We didn't have flower girls or page boys so I'm not much help!
beana Posts: 306
thank girls for the advice. it makes sense know xxxx