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redfly Posts: 358
My work trousers are really beginning to get really tight. All i'm comfortable in is tracksuit bottoms or pyjamas. Just wondering what do you do for clothes at this stage because i'm too small to buy maternity stuff but getting too big fast to fit into my normal clothes. I'm gonna end up coming to work in pyjama bottoms soon
esmum Posts: 426
What Id suggest is heading to the likes of pennys etc and get 2 or 3 pairs of trousers in the next size up. I didnt start wearing maternity trousers till I was about 20 weeks .
Toblerone Posts: 2698
i was going to just buy trousers in bigger size. Then raided my sisters wardrobe for one size up instead. For some things like my jeans that I love I just used hair bobbin to close and popped belly band over to conceal. also found that low rise trousers and those which have an adjustable buckle tie rather than buttons or clip work well - even now that I'm 25wks still wearing them.
tilsun Posts: 4506
I'm crazy bloated so already very uncomfortable in a lot of my clothes. I'm going to buy a few pairs the next size up. I reckon I'll get some wear out of them after baby arrives as knowing me I won't be shrinking back down too rapidly :o0
AA11 Posts: 313
I second what the op's said. At 11 weeks I couldn't fit into my own jeans anymore so I bought a pair of jeans a size up in M&S and thought they would last me a few weeks along with another pair of jeans I had bought when I had only lost half my pregnancy weight from my ds. I only started wearing maternity jeans last week at 26 weeks ! Both pairs of jeans were low rise so they sat under my bump and I didn't find them uncomfortable. Since I know from experience with my last pregnancy that my figure won't just bounce back, I am hopeing the two pairs of jeans will fit me again shortly after the birth and keep me going for a while until I lose my baby weight....
AA11 Posts: 313
tilsun..we posted at the same time, snap on the not shrinking back thing....I'm just not one of those people....
milis Posts: 7998
I got bellybands and bellybelts from for the in between stage. I didn't see the point in buying clothes that I was going to grow out of in a couple of weeks.
Fairywings Posts: 360
Try the bobble on your trousers, that works for me. If you have trousers that are a normal button hole just wrap the hair bobble through the button hole and around the button. It gives you plenty of room on your normal trousers. I have already started doing this. I did try to wear 1 pair of maternity trousers but they just didnt' feel right yet so Ill do this for a few weeks.
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
[quote="Milis":2i87mdm4]I got bellybands and bellybelts from for the in between stage. I didn't see the point in buying clothes that I was going to grow out of in a couple of weeks.[/quote:2i87mdm4] I was the same as Milis. Didn't want to buy clothes, particularly trousers, that were in bigger size, as they wouldn't have fit properly - the bum in a bigger trousers would have been far bigger than I needed it, and a bigger top would have been hanging off my shoulders. What I did do however was buy wisely - in places like Penneys! Choose things that are loose around the tummy that you can easily get a few months out of combining them with bump bands. New Look do a three pack (white/grey/black) for something like €12, they are brilliant, you can really get a lot more wear out of your own tops as it just looks like you've layered it with another top underneath.
Vogue Posts: 426
I'm also at that stage where my own clothes are uncomfortable but maternity gear is way to big yet...