Inchydoney, Garryvoe or Dunmore brides?

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JenG Posts: 38
Hey everyone just wondering if there are any Inchydoney, Garryvoe or Dunmore brides out there? We are hoping to get married Decemeber 2012 and I am between the above venues! I would really appreciated any feedback! Thanks :)
Blossom Cherry Posts: 2701
I love dunmore house!!! I think it is so much more intimate than inchydoney. The food standard and price is siliar for both but mt personal preference would be for Dunmore
coco26 Posts: 133
I'm a Dunmore bride and I cant wait! Fell in love with the place as soon as we visited :lvs I have only heard great things about Dunmore, in particular the food and how well looked after you are! :)
Mustang Sally Posts: 394
Good friend of mine got married in Dunmore last year. She only had good things to say about the place and we enjoyed the wedding very much. Food was very good standard and the ladies dishing it out were like real Irish mammies :o0 The only thing that would bother me about the place is that there is no garden/grounds (I don't think anyway) but sure in December that won't make a huge difference and it's cosy inside which is probably more important that time of year. My friends wedding was in winter and the views from the guest bedrooms of the waves crashing in were amazing!
thrilledskinny Posts: 146
Another Dunmore vote here. My sister had her reception there last year and I can not fault the place one bit. If I was having my wedding in west cork i would book there without hesitation. Food was superb, service exceptional and all up there was just a really lovely family feeling about the place. There is a golf club there so there is an area where you can have photograph taken at the edge of the course. I just love it. Bedrooms were fab too. We stayed there for almost a week at the time of the wedding and it was brill!
hross Posts: 61
Dunmore for me too, we got married there 4 years ago and it was brilliant,,,could not fault anything there. Great food,service, location and staff are brilliant.
the bees knees Posts: 755
Can only give my Opinions on Dunmore and Garryvoe, have been to weddings in both these venues and have to say both are fab..... They both have fab settings plenty of scope for Photos nearby.... Garryvoe is literally on the beach... You just cross the road and there you are...... Dunmore is set on the cliffs with beautiful scenery and Inchadonney strand is just a short drive but still fab venue for Photos because the place is so gorgeous..... In both venues the food was amazing , good fare and in abundance..... From my experience in both places , staff have been lovely too..... Dont know anything about the packages in either place but as a guest looking from the outside in , either of these venues would be fantastic...... I hear Garryvoe gets booked out very quickly as it is very popular..... HTH
Jawl Posts: 8881
Will you or your guests have to travel to get to them? I am guessing yes as Garryvoe is East and the other two are west, opposite directions. It would worry me as a fellow December bride having a venue so far away with the weather.
JenG Posts: 38
Thanks everyone for the great feedback! I have been to see Dunmore and I absolutely loved it and I agree about the irish mammy comments. The lady I met with was absolutely brilliant and made me feel it would all be stress free with her running it :)) The only thing that put me off was with it being winter we probably won't be able to take too many photos (if any!) outside. The reception area looked like it could get a bit cramped with 180 people there as well. The ballroom was beautiful though! Inchydoney then has a beautiful foyer, staircase and balconys that I could see getting some great photos.The reception area was huge and definitely would comfortable fit all the guests. I also liked that there were loads of leather couches in particular for the elderly guests. I havn't seen garryvoe yet - we are going to view it this week but I have seen the photos and it looks fabulous. [quote="Jawl":27v8jv4l]Will you or your guests have to travel to get to them? I am guessing yes as Garryvoe is East and the other two are west, opposite directions. It would worry me as a fellow December bride having a venue so far away with the weather.[/quote:27v8jv4l] When I raised this concern with the wedding co-ordinator he mentioned that they work with the coucil to ensure the roads are gritted in the bad weather. He also mentioned they held a wedding showcase during the bad weather last year which went off without a hitch.. but I still have the fear that some people would not be able to make it. The alternative would be to push it out until March but I just love the idea of a xmas wedding :))
corkie11 Posts: 18
I'm getting married in Dunmore in November of this year and to date I cannot praise the place enough, Ann Marie has been an absolute pleasure to deal with and everytime I go there I get goosebumps with the scenery and overall cosiness. I saw the hotel decorated last year for Christmas and it was amazing, the tree was up fires were lighting and everyone was sipping on hot whiskeys....hopefully it will live up to my expectations :-8