indecisive brides??

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coolkeevs Posts: 483
hey girls just wondering if anyone is like me and totally indecisive?? Am on the hunt for the perfect dress and have it down to four, but to be honest with you any of them would do. People say you experience some sort of feeling when u find 'the one' well if its happened to me ive fallen blind to it, i mean there are so many nice dresses out there, sometimes choice is a bad thing. Is anyone else in the same position or even some advice about knowing when the one is 'the one'. Have tried telling my sister that i keep going back to the first one i liked, which i can only now vaguely remember but feel like i enjoyed being in the shop so much and i did love the dress, got excited and all, but maybe im letting my enjoyment of the day take over from the dress. needless to say my sister cant understand me. anyway if any of yas are in the same boat let me know.
Asics Posts: 1935
I was a bit different I kept finding dresses that I liked a bit of :o0 I might have like the top half & hated the bottom & on other dresses liked the back & not the front etc etc. I kept thinking that I would never find the one but I did & exciting is not the word for it :o)ll :o)ll . I didn't even give my dress a second glance in the shop the assistant brought it over to me & asked did I want to try it on & I was like sure I may aswell seen as im here (tbh it didn't look great on the hanger) but all I can say is WOW when I put it on I loved every single thing about it. So id say still give it a chance don't be rushing to put down a deposit on a dress as you might regret it later shop around. If you haven't been id recommend Joanna's Brides in Portlaoise I found her absolutly brilliant she made me try on all the different styles of dresses so that I would know what really suited me & it turned out to be the opposite to what I had in my head :o0 :wv
kookiegal Posts: 1150
Yup, I had that problem too! Kept finding dresses I liked but not ones that wowed me! I travelled to so many shops I was getting sick of it. The first dress I tried on that I liked was a Jasmine one and I kept going back to it but it was only the excitement of the day and it doesn't even compare to the one I finally bought a few weeks ago. Like Someday Mrs said on the hanger it wasn't great but as soon as I put it on I FINALLY felt the wow factor! Keep looking and try on every kind of style out there! :o)ll
abouttimebride Posts: 368
yep - totally indecisive, worst thing was the dress as you cant share that decision with himself. And everyone else just kept saying they were all lovely and wow and I wasn't finding what I wanted. eventauly went back to ones I had seen on the first day of looking and they were both the fit I was looking for. But couldnt for the life of me decided between the 2 of them - as you said both would do the job as well as the other and both were lovely. But a decision had to be made so I just picked one. I dont regret it. Either would have been lovely. I know its so hard if there is nothing between the 4 of them so just draw straws out of a hat or something! Its worth it when you're indecisive to have that big decision out of the way and you can move on to the next thing on the list.