induced on 1st baby..

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MRSnow Posts: 57
Hi, Im due my second baby next month and was induced on my first baby. The last time round I tried everything.. You name it from drinking raspberry tea, eating pineapples every day to eating hot curry. This time round im not going to bother wit it all. Question I have is for people who were induced on there first baba, were you induced on your second or did u go naturally. I would love to go myself
wizard of oz Posts: 18
Hey Mrsnow i was induced on 1st and really wanted to go myself on 2nd but despite trying every old wives tale going i was induced again. in the end i was really glad because we were able to be organised. our lo went over to nana's the night before our apt, all excited. no panic trying to organise minders, bags etc in the middle of the night or school etc. hope everything goes well for you and just remember even if you do have to be induced again everything has a silver lining :action32
cilrory Posts: 1
Hi there. I was induced on my first as well. Was super paranoid the whole time id need to be induced again but thankfully I went myself and it was a much better experience. Fingers crossed it will be the same for you. Best of luck!!