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Em Posts: 146
Well it's looking like I may be induced. Could anyway share their experiences with me or give me idea what to expect. I know it will vary from person to person but generally how long before it kicks in and labour starts. good luck to all those expecting soon & of course to all trying. Happy Christmas!!
grumpy Posts: 1280
It was over 12 years ago, but I'll try! Was induced at 7.30am, and went into labour at 9.30am. Basically, the doctor broke my waters. Wasn't pleasant by any stretch of the imagination, but as I recall, I wasn't crying with pain either. Asked for epidural at about 11.30am! After that, dozed on and off and read a bit. Started having to push at 4.00pm, and dd was born at 6.35pm! Got injections for speeding up labour, as epidural slows it down, and also needed about 3 injections after the birth to shrink my uterus as I kept bleeding out (but don't think that was related to the induction).
Trish07 Posts: 506
Hi Em, I dont want to scare you but my induction wasnt too pleasant. I got the first pessary at 12pm and nothing happened, got second at 6am and then started getting pains which were coming every 4minutes this continued for the day but I was not dilating I then got another pessary in the evening and the pains got stronger and continued for the night but still not dilating much, only about 1 or 2cm so at 6 in the morning taken to labour ward and waters were broken but after another 5hours and trying the drugs to speed up contractions I had to have a section. So from when they started the induction until baby was born was 38hours.
MTMR Posts: 788
Am trying to type & feed at the same time so not long reply. Just 2 say induced twice no problems either time, my worst labour was the 1 where i wasn't induced.
kali Posts: 687
hi there, I was induced. Got the pesary at about 1am. Labour started at 5am and by 9.30 I was ready to push. It wasn't so bad. I would have prefered to have been at home for the beginning of labour but it wasn't to be. Good luck :wv
shoegal Posts: 323
best of luck. my friend had two inductions, both first thing in the morning. Baby no.1 was born at 9.30pm at night, baby no. 2 at 5.30pm. How long have they let you go over before inducing?