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queenie2008 Posts: 296
Hi, As its looking likely I'm gonna be induced this Saturday I'm just wondering if I could get some info :) I'm booked in for 8 in the Rotunda, So I go in and they give me the gel, what happens next? Do I just stay there in a hospital bed until things start moving - can I get up and walk around - eat drink etc? I'm aware that sometimes they have to give the gel a second or third time and they said they'd break my waters around 6 in the evening if needed? Should my husband stay with me the whole time or is it safe to let him off home for a bit? I know most of these questions equate to "how long is a piece of string" and every situation is different though. Any tips or info? Thanks!
ttc_bfp_opk_wtf Posts: 682
I was in CUMH but what happened me was in at 4:30 but tok until 6:30 to get my room and the paperwork done. They did a trace for 30 min then put in the gel, had to lie down for an hour then and after that had to walk the halls to get things going. I started very quickly and was finished 4 hours after the gel went in. no time for any pain relief so my top tip is that if you are in pain and they try to convince you that inductions start slowly and you''re not in labour, demand a second opinion. :-8
queenie2008 Posts: 296
Thanks ttc_bfp_opk_wtf :wv
amberjack Posts: 1273
I was induced in The Rotunda. I went in the night before and after breakfast the next morning was brought to the induction ward - apx 8am, I was the first there, so got my pick of the bed (think there were 5 beds) My consultant came around 8.30, examined me and gave me the first lot of gel. I was then put on a trace for an hour and told to walk around as much as possible, coming back every half an hour for the midwives to do a quick check of the baby's heartbeat. I did get another breakfast - lol, but was quite full, you can eat and drink and there is a seat beside you for your partner. Fast forward 6 hours, consultant back, another examination and another round of gel and the trace for an hour. Lunch arrived somewhere in between and encouraged to walk around again. By this stage, all the others are on their second gel and things are really starting to kick off for most of them, several of them have their waters broke and are in full on labour. Stil nothing for me. Getting quite bored at the stage, so had a bath - there is a bath in the ensuite. Teatime and some of the mums moved into the labour ward (next door) still nothing for me, not even a twinge so I get an examination and am told to fast as if nothing happens by 8pm I'm having a section. 8pm comes, I'm in the induction room on my own, all the other mammies have their babies and a new batch have arrived to be induced, my consultant comes and does another examination, decided on a section, so I get prepped, sign forms and off I went down to theatre. Now I must add, that they normaly do 3 rounds of gel and do try and break waters. I was 2 days early and wasn't favourable, so I could have insisted on having another go at the gel, but I was tired and fed up and I think my consultant wanted to go home at some reasonable hour himself. The section was a mutual decision, so you can stand your ground if you want to go for a Vbirth. The staff in the induction ward were lovely, but it can be a very long day, bring a book, magazine whatever. You do get your meals and are free to walk around etc so bring a bathrobe and comfy slippers. I have heard of people having to wait downstairs until a bed becomes available, so think it's on a first come firt served basis, unless you're there the night before. Best of luck :)
queenie2008 Posts: 296
thanks amber jack for that, very informative :)
amberjack Posts: 1273
Best of luck and do let us know how you get on
Nov Bridie 09 Posts: 967
Hi, I was v lucky as somehow got a private room when I was brought up to be induced! Had internal exam & then given 2mg gel at midday & encouraged go move around. Told if nithing happened waters wud b briken at 6pm. HUGE lunch at 1! Sent hubbie to shop to get himself lunch but glad he didnt go far. Waters broke at 3:45 naturally & contractions started 1-2 mins apart immediately. Having been told earlier that the next stop would be a 4 person labour ward before delivery suite, so when I was brought straight to delivery suite at 5:30pm I knew things were moving faster than expected! Asked for epi but it was too late so all natural from then on. Baby arrived at 7! Good luck!!!!