Hi girls, I am back in this Thursday at the Coombe when I will be 9 days past my due date (1st pregnancy). My consultant said last week that depending on how things look (down there) they would either break my waters, give me gel and/or just schedule an induction for the Friday or Saturday I think. Now I am dying to meet my baby and am very nervous of having the pregnancy continue any longer (I have two friends who lost babies at 40+ weeks before an induction was offered) but I am also scared with an induction of how much tougher/painful labour might be, how much longer it could be and the % chance that I could end up needing a c-section because i was induced? As it stands I won't really have an option about being induced if nothing happens before this Thursday/Friday but I would really appreciate hearing anyone else's opinions on their experiences if you were induced and any advice you have? Also what is involved in an induction? Some quick facts - I've had a very healthy, happy pregnancy with no complications so far. My baby is measuring a "normal size" and his head has been engaged for over 5 weeks already and is apparently "really far down" (major pressure fun for me). At 39 weeks, 2 days they gave me a sweep as I was favourable with a soft cervix but nothing happened. Then at 40 weeks, 2 days they gave me another sweep and said I was still favourable with a soft cervix but no more so than the week before (maybe 1cm dilated). Up until 3 weeks ago I walked at least 20 miles a week and have still been keeping up as much walking as I can but the pressure now can be too painful at times. I also do pregnancy yoga. I have tried bouncing on a ball, reflexology, acupuncture, acupressure, DTD, eating pineapple, raspberry tea tablets, warm baths, etc and nothing will get my baby moving! Unless something happens soon an induction is on the cards for me but I would feel better hearing stories from women who have gone through this already - thanks!!! :wv :wv (will also post in M&K forum)