Induction 1 bag or 2?

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greenbaby Posts: 541
Just wondered if you were induced did you still do a labour bag and a case for hospital or could you just pile everything into the one case. Also do holles street have birthing balls in unit 3 or do you need to bring your own?
finet Posts: 403
Hi I was induced in the rotunda and brought two bags but thinking about it now was no reason we couldn't have brought everything in one. Sorry cant answer about the balls!Best of luck :)
babyblaBBer Posts: 2448
i was induced in holles st and had 2 bags. you can have both in unit 3 (thank god, i was there for 2 days!) but have to leave the bigger one behind in storage when you go to the labour ward. having said that, you don't really need anything for the labour ward except maybe a change of nighty in case you puke and a nappy for baby and your camera and phone, so a tiny bag will do there. they had birthing balls when i was there but think i heard they might be gone. i'd bring one but leave it in the car and ask when you arrive so your hubby can get it before he drops the car home or whatever.
greenbaby Posts: 541
Thanks girls, reason I ask is that we weren't going to bring car at all if I'm being induced to avoid having to keep topping up car parking so thought I thought i'd just bring one case with everything in it but if you can't bring a case to labour ward maybe I'll go with original plan of case and small labour bag and just leave case in storage. I clearly have too much time on my hands to fill with these permutations! Hopefully I won't be induced!