Induction 2mw - any advice?

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PinkyD Posts: 276
hi ladies, well as my lazy lil baba hasnt come into the world by him/herself, i am now booked in to be induced in morn. Any advice / tips or anything whatsoever for me? Was ready for labour etc for the last three weeks and am now a tad nervous / emotional etc... and trying to remain calm for me and babies sake. Have been having the bad period like cramps the last few days lasting for hours but went away, if a more intense version of that is what i have to look forward to, great, i can cope with that. Wud consider myself as having a relatvely high pain tolerance as monthly pains are usually very bad & been having them for years now. Not one for popping pills at the first sign of pain too so tend to hold off for as long as i can... sorry for waffling, its the nerves. Tips please? Thx in advance x
Mrs. Taz Posts: 1216
Hi there, I was also induced (Had a very lazy baby :o0 ) You will probably get the gel if you haven't started dilating. This is fine and is not painful at all. I started getting mild contractions after the gel and after 12 hrs had dilated to 2cm. I was then brought to the labour ward to have waters broken as they hadn't gone themselves. Contractions faded so i was put on the drip, i lasted quite a while with no pain relief however contractions soon came strong and very close together. I asked for the gas which i found great. I didn't progress well even though contractions were strong. I had spent quite a long time on the drip and when it was increased to the max. i gave in and got the pethidine injection, i really did not want an epidural. I didn't find the pethidine great. In the end i hadn't progressed past 3cm and had emergency c-section. The drip can bring on quite painful contractions but i would recommend going in with an open mind and see how you find it. If you have a high pain tolerance you should do fine. Keep calm and go with the flow. I always said i didn't want an epidural, but if i had been left any longer i think i would have got one. Best wishes for tomorrow and just keep thinking you will have baba in your arms really soon. Its so exciting :wv
Midlands Mum Posts: 871
Hi Gillis Im glad your coming towards the finish line. Ive been keeping an eye on the feb mums :) Anyhow re induction, ive been induced twice and i would consider myself to have a LOW pain threshold and i had no problems at all. I had an epi both times but had decided on that prior to each labour. I had the gel and my waters broken and neither were painful or uncomfortable. Its just to get you started and if your as impatient as i am you'll just be glad to get it started. Once your on your way, nature will take its course and you'll just carry on with the labour as normal. Try not to worry by tmrw night you'll may even be gazing down at your little babs, and anything will be worth that. My only tip is i found baths great to bring on the contractions. If i was you id be sitting in a nice hot bath :) All the very best with the induction, ill be keeping an eye out for your birth story. Try not to worry HONESTLY its all worth it. xx
Me Julia Posts: 1352
Hi Gills Well finally the end is in sight for you. I have no advice obviously since i am still here with bump. I just wanted to say best of luck to you. I am also a little nervous of induction but really think thats the way its going to go for me also. I have appt today and internal, not looking forward to it at all. Again, good luck tomorrow.............cant wait to read your birth story. :wv
PinkyD Posts: 276
hi girls, thanks so much for the luck & heads up - it really does help when you have others to chat to in similar instances... :thnk Im a little more relaxed now as opposed to earlier, had a lil cry today too, think im just over emotional at this stage - was wondering why i was staying so cool, calm, collected all the time up til now. I guess the nerves kick in when you know its coming instead of labour just happening by itself eh... I am still thinking id rather try the pethadine instead of epidural but as you said taz, am going in with an open mind, i just dont know how my body is going to react until it happens eh! Thanks again girls, found your words really helpful. Hopefully as Me Julia says il be on next posting my birth story :eek Keep me posted on yourself too lady ok... Ders so many lazy feb babas out der... Thanks so much! x :lvs
mariac Posts: 982
wishing you all the best, look forward to reading your birth story soon :wv
under construction Posts: 3458
No advice as this is my first, but just wanted to wish you all the best for tomorrow.
july7812 Posts: 1787
No advice from me but just wanted to wish you all the best tomorrow - cant wait to hear how you get on & to read your birth story.
the moms Posts: 1427
best of luck tomorrow gills!