Induction and Epidural

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satsuma Posts: 182
Hi Girls, Am going to the doctors today for BP check - 39 weeks. Consultant says that if my BP is high he may consider inducing me (it had been high a few weeks ago but stabilised a little) My question is, should I go for the epidural immediately if this happens? I have been keeping an open mind and doing my hypnobirthing, but am a little concerned that it will be very sudden and more difficult to cope with if I am induced. Any advice appreciated!x
Carmen Posts: 510
That was exactly my situation. Labour did start off very gradually and i just used gas and air, then moved on to pethadine (sp?) but that totally did not agree with me. I found the pain very easy to deal with until my waters were broken and then it just became one long contraction. I did put up with this for a long time but eventually asked for the epidural. It is very hard to say what you should do because everyone is different. Im glad i did it the way i did because i know what it all feels like. When i did ask for the epidural i had it and working within 30 minutes (or so i think. Its all a bit vague really!) I suppose it depends how quickly the doctors can get the pain relief to you. I hope all goes well for you.
satsuma Posts: 182
Thanks Carmen. I guess I will try to keep an open mind and see how it goes!
Me Julia Posts: 1352
it depends on what they are going to do. Are they starting you on the gel? For me they went straight into breaking my waters then an hour later i went onto the oxytocin drip, i needed the epidural about 2hours into the drip. When i had my waters broken they put me on a trace and could see i was having contractions but i couldnt even feel those ones. I had pre eclampsia and they should have done a blood test but they didnt so it meant i had to wait even longer for the epidural as they had to do one then and wait for the results to come back........i was in a lot of pain then! So make sure if a blood test is needed they get it done!! best of luck, i really found being induced was ok.
TracyD Posts: 750
Hi Satsuma, Sometimes elevated BP at the end of pregnancy can mean your body is preparing for labour. I've had lots of mums have the same experiences. I usually recommend playing your CD while sitting in the waiting room which will keep the nerves at bay and normalize your BP. If you're started on the gel then it can be a much gentler way to start an induction. Keeping your waters intact as long as possible will be important - primarily to keep you off the 'clock' and also to give yourself the best chance as getting labour well established and your baby into the best position. Even if you decide to have an epidural your hypnobirthing will go a long way in making the induction a much more positive experience for you and it'll keep you relaxed. Ask for your Bishops Score to see how favourable you are for induction. HTH Tracy
Tedsters Posts: 1688
Everybody is different of course but the oxytosin brings on contractions pretty quickly and are intense. I had backache labour pains for almost 2 days and still hadn't dilated after the gel was administered. I used breathing and the TENS to get me though that time. I tried pethidine during the first 2 days however it did not work on me. When it came time for the oxytosin to bring on labour I asked for the eipdural as I could not manage going through more pain and was getting tired. I had to use gas 'n air until the epidural kicked in as had to remove the TENS in the labour room. It took a further 8 hours for me to dilate on oxytosin but I had a natural birth to a lovely healthy baby boy. Best of luck. Take Tracy's advice though as you are doing the hypnobirthing.
satsuma Posts: 182
Thanks for the advice. I am still just under the mark thank God so no moves yet. Back again on Friday. Can't believe that I'm almost there.... Going to listen to my CD again - it's a really good way to relax and I have to say I am more positive than I was in the second trimester, so it must be working! Glad to hear that induction is not all bad......
jess08 Posts: 481
I was induced and had a forceps delivery using just tens and gas and air (and i hadnt done hypnobirthing). I had expected to want an epidural, i even went in saying "i'll have everything!" I think you will just have to see how you get on. No one really knows what it will be like for them and how they will cope. For me keeping calm was really important and it helped me to cope. One thing about gas n air, take it as you feel the contraction starting, then stop and ride the wave as it passes, that way you have a clear head in between contractions. See how you get on, if you find gas and air isnt working for you dont feel bad about asking for the epi, its a totally individual choice. And dont be afriad to insist on it if you feel you need it! hope it all goes well for you, jess
Chococat Posts: 1632
I was induced & they said that labor with an epidural is longer than without one. I went without & just used pethidine, I found it ok. I was 6 hours once they induced me. My waters were broken before i was induced. I was more concerned about the length of time it would take instead of the pain. For my second baby I went for pethidine again, I was 1 hour in labor. I was in the process of pushing when my waters broke. your waters really cushion the pain of contractions. I brainwashed myself into thinking that contractions are not painful, it's just pressure. I felt I could handle them more that way. Labor when induced is alot more painful than everything happening naturally. (Sorry, I don't want to scare you) If the pain is your main worry I would say go for the epidural. I have no experience with it though. The nurse on the ward after asked why I didn't use the epidural, and the doctor looked at my file the next day & said "wow you had a hard time didn't you, why didn't you have an epidural?" If I was ever to be induced again I would use an epidural
satsuma Posts: 182
Hi Girlies well my due date has just passed and I am home after four days in hopsital for observation for mild preeclampsia. Was a little upset to be coming home from the hospital on my due date with my bump still on the inside!!! O:| I have been given chance to pop on my own between now and Monday, otherwise it's induction for me first thing on Monday morning :eek Trying EVERYTHING to get started in the meantime! :o0