Induction - does the gel work/tips

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groovee Posts: 529
Hi girls, Posted this in M&K too ... Just looking for some insight from any of you have been induced.. I'm due to be induced this week as this baby seems to have no notion of making an appearance by itself. The induction starts with the prostaglandins gel and then moves onto water breaking and drip etc. As you can imagine i'm not looking forward to the whole thing. Just wondering if the gel worked for any of you? Anyone i've asked said nothing kicked off until the drip or their waters were broken.. Also any tips on the whole thing.. I know it's gonna be a long haul and boring etc. Also was told to move around as much as possible.I'm probably going to be a wimp with the pain though and be asking for the epidural soon enough!
Babyboomerang Posts: 543
Sorry, I've no practical experience at all, but from what I've heard the drip will make your contractions more painful than normal, so you won't be a wimp for opting for the epidural. In fact, I would think that most people who are induced end up with the epi or some sort of pain relief. Just want to wish you the best of luck and fingers crossed you'll have your baby in your arms very soon.
La La Land Posts: 226
Hi Groovee, I was induced on DD at 13 days over. I lost the plug at 12days over and was getting regular pains the whole night before went I went in for induction so they were able to break my waters rather than starting with the gel as I was 1cm. They will only use the gel if the cervix is still fully closed. Anyway as it turns out there was no water left around baby (I actually thought they missed the water bag but no) and I ended up on the Oxytocin drip later on. They recommend you take the epi if you're going on the Oxytocin. Best of luck x
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
Just a suggestion, read up about the Bishop Score (you'll find it if you google) because induction isn't always successful and the BS is a good indicator. Good luck with it!
babybaby2011 Posts: 124
My sis was induced and got 2 gels which got her going and delivered baby 8 hours later. Friend was induced and it ended up in section which happens in a lot of cases where you are not favourable for induction as per the bishops score mentioned previously. Best of luck with it all :wv
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
I had the gel at midnight and again at 6 am.. They broke my waters at 10am and gave me a drip at 11 and my beautiful daughter was born at 4.30 in the evening... I don't know about the contractions being worse with the drip as I have only had one baby ( 10 wks preggers with second) however the drip was great for making me have regular contractions and getting it over and done with, with no messing about stopping and starting... Don't worry you'll be grand :) :)
redroses Posts: 714
Hi there, i had the gel at 9am and again at 3pm. I had cramps after the second round and at about 4.40 i was having regular contractions. I remember the midwife checking me when i begged for an epidural and she said i was too far(8cm) , that was after an hour or so, my lo was born just before half 6 that evening and i went home the next evening. If it works its brilliant. best of luck.
candyfloss Posts: 704
Hey Groovee, I had 2 rounds of the gel and was adamant no womanw as coming near me with a crochet needle, and I really did not want that drip. I went in at 8 am and had gel then and at 8 pm. I spent the whole day bouncing on a gym ball like a woman possessed and was doing laps of the stairs and around the car park with DH all day. After the 1st round I had some slight pains but nothing to write home about. At 11pm we decided to call it a day and I walked DH to the car and then he felt he should walk me back to bed, which I said was silly, but he insisted. As I put one leg up on the bed my waters went and it all kicked off very rapidly!!! DS was born at 7am with a forceps as he was back to back and stuck. All the other Mums induced that day sat around on the beds and none of them managed to get going. I think they were laughing at me but hey it worked. I think ya have to go for it once you've had the gel and get moving. Only big issue I had was they insisted the monitor stayed on for the whole time once labour started and they were trying to keep me on my back which was very very painful as baby was back to back. In the end I said I was getting up and they could just deal with it so DH had to hold the pads on. Good luck with it :wv
Beaubelle Posts: 741
Workd for me! Had gel around 11pm and was 4cm dilated by 6.30am. No oxytocin needed. Had ds by forceps at 1pm next day. I was 10 days overdue. Had epi, pethidine and gas as my labour was quite intense.
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Was induced on DD3 at 37wks. Had 2 gels, ARM and drip. 17.25hrs later she arrived without any assitance (as in forceps/ventouse)! I walked the hospital for those 17hrs hoping to get things moving and avoid the drip but in the end it was needed. Think once I started the drip, it all progressed quickly, DD3 was born within 3hrs (but I'm not sure, can't remember the times clearly!) I was induced on DD1 too, but didn't get the gel as I was in slow labour (I think). My waters were broken and was put on the drip . DD1 was born 11hrs after waters were broken and 8hrs after I started the drip.