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MammaMia Posts: 33
I'm 18 weeks now and having so much trouble with my back. I slipped a disc years ago and as the bump is growng I find the pressure and pain on my lower back awful. I have a support belt that helps but it is certainly not going to be a long term solution. I'm worried about how bad this is going to get by the end. I asked the consultant at the last visit about the possibility of induction a few weeks early if my bad was very bad and got a wait and see response. I can appreciate this but I'm a bit of a worrier :-8 I'm going to ask again at my next appointment but it is not till the end of May. Does anyone know how Holles St are about inductions where it comes to discomfort/back pain, rather than for medical reasons (i.e. your health or babies health is at risk). :thnk
Pinkly Posts: 1414
They leave you 12 days overdue before they'll induce you ut if you're in a lot of pain at the end of your pregnancy I'm sure they'll consider doing it early.