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Pinkly Posts: 1414
Looks like I'll be getting induced early next week in Holles Street. Dont really know whats involved so would love to hear some feedback from mammies who had their babies through induction. I just seem to be getting horror stories from friends about how much worse it is. Cheers, Babycrazy!
TracyD Posts: 750
You might go yourself yet :-) Lots of women have very positive inductions - try to focus on those ones and ignore the scary ones. Hope things happen soon for you. Tracy
newone Posts: 1714
princess! Posts: 348
im just out of hospital and the girl next to me got induced yesterday morning at 9am and had her baby by 4pm it all went fairly fast she was delighted didnt seem that terrible she managed it all fine so keep positive
whackywoman Posts: 1496
I was induced in Coombe on DD and survived :o0 :o0 It wasn't that bad, was given gel around 8.30pm on Thursday night and she was born after 8am on Friday morning. I survived on Tens machine and gas and air for pain machine. Good luck :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Dora the explorer Posts: 1570
Cant believe your still here :o0 Try relax there are bad stories of pain about everything I dont think induction makes a difference whatever labour you will have it will be the same regardless. Good luck and dont forget to get someone to let us know when baba arrives. xx
mrs sarah c Posts: 522
Hi there, I am also going to be induced next week.I would recommend a tens machine as last time I think it would have helped for the "limbo"hours where I was in pain but not in labour.I could have done with the distraction of the tens so I have one ready. I thought the epidural was amazing.It changed it from being a scary experience to an amazing one.My husband said the first thing i said after my dd was born was"I would do that again no problem!" Anyway I am overdue again and I am not going to lie I am anxious but it will be so worth it!!!! :o)ll
Pinkly Posts: 1414
[b:9toaftoj]Dora the explorer[/b:9toaftoj] I've been told by consultant that induction makes labour alot more painful as it progresses alot quicker than if you went yourself. [b:9toaftoj]Mrs Sarah[/b:9toaftoj] thanks for the advice re tens. Defo going to go with epidural if pain gets too much for me. At least we know we'll have our new arrivals with us this week! Best of luck with it!
Moet for me Posts: 1841
[quote:2mvbc5hf]Dora the explorer I've been told by consultant that induction makes labour alot more painful as it progresses alot quicker than if you went yourself. [/quote:2mvbc5hf] Baby Crazy I think it can depend on what they have to do to get you going. I was unfavourable on dd head not engaged, cervix not ripened nothing had started so I ended up with the lot (gel a couple of times, arm and then the drip) to start off contractions and then I didn't really take to the oxytocin and needed the drip for ages to start so contractions were painful. However I got an epidural when I needed it and I didn't feel a thing after that. I ended up with a c section because mainly I guess I was so unfavourable in the first place but all in all I had no bad experince on the day because everything was tried and in the end me and babs were great. My sister on the other hand had 2 inductions where she was favourable and had 2 great births. Best of luck with it all and keep an open mind on the day would be my only advice.