induction what to expect????

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ali08 Posts: 121
hi girls im 42 weeks pregnant on my second baby and im being brought in to the hospital tmw for an induction as the time gets closer im getting very anxious i was wondering if any of ye ladies have being induced recently and what should i expect and how many of ye have being lucky and had the baby on the same day of the induction? im due in at 9am in WRH. any advice would be great. thanks girls
cmina Posts: 102
Hi I was induced on the 8th of December and it went really quick considering! Went in to CUMH at about 4 pm on the Monday, got the first gel about 8 or so and sent husband home for the night as no one was expecting anything to happen till much later on the 9th. At 2am i was examined for the second gel but didn't get it as they said my cervix was grand - cannot remember the medical term! - and they said that my waters might be broken in the morning - at 4 am waters broke naturally! Tadhg was born at 11.31 am on the 9th - his due date! The internals weren't that bad - found them to be not as bad as a smear test and to be honest i concentrated on relaxing and breathing through them - other woman in the room with me screamed even through getting the gel - she was PRETTY tense! Hope it all goes well - i was anxious about getting induced but kept thinking i was in the best place possible and at least things happened - i was induced because of high bp and pre eclampsia and a big baby!
cbtb Posts: 413
ali08, Best of luck today I hope all goes well for you with the induction. I know how you feel, I have to go in on mon for the gel. At 2 weeks over I'm sure you'll be glad to have your baby in your arms. :lvs