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Emomc Posts: 2069
Ladies I am now 9 days over and believe you me I have exhausted all natural methods of encouraging baby to make an appearance O:| . I am looking at an induction on Tuesday at 11 days over. It was never what I envisaged in my "dream birth" but have decided to bite the bullet and go with it. I had a sweep on Friday (unsuccessful obviously) but was told my cerbix was already about 1-2cm dilated and soft and favourable so that it good. Just wondering about methods of induction and your experience? I am really terrified of the syntocin drip as I understand it can bring things on quicky and painfully and I have been doing hypnobirthing and thus really would like to get into things as slowly and naturally as possible. Is this still possible with induction? I was in hospital today and only got to discuss matters briefly with my consultant as he was called away to an emergency but I think he might try to break my waters first before trying the gel or drip. By they way I am still keepin positive and hoping I will go myself before Tuesday :wv
TracyD Posts: 750
Hi Emomc, If you're induced tomorrow they usually start off a first time mum with the prostaglandin gel. Most hypnobirth mums only need one dose of gel to get them started. That might be all you need! You can still keep things relatively relaxed if you can keep your waters as long as possible as things can intensify quite quickly once they are released artificially. The pressure can be very intense very quickly so your endorphins have to try and catch up. If you're already 1-2cm and 'soft' then that's a great place to be starting - your body is obviously getting ready for labour. Spend as much time as you can in the bath and keep your CD on right from the beginning. If you do have to have pitocin you'll be monitored continuously so that bath won't be an option then. Have a read through the hypno induction stories on the yahoo group to inspire you. It can be a really great experience so it's not game over just because of induction. Hope things go wonderfully for you! Tracy
Emomc Posts: 2069
Many thanks for your reply and advice Tracy. I also posted this on M&K and got a reply from someone who has been through induction who said if I am already 1-2cm gone then they wont try the gel (as this is usually used if the cervix is completely closed). I am actually getting excited about it now, but again still hoping I might get there naturally. Will have a look on Yahoo as you suggest
TracyD Posts: 750
It would be fantastic if they don't use the gel - it means you'd just have normal monitoring and wouldn't be confined to the bed and able to move about (use the bath). Bring along some lavender essential oil to relax you and jasmine oil or clary sage oil to encourage productive surges. Best of luck with everything!! Will PM you a link to a GentleBirth download for priming your body for induction. If you have time today spend some time using the Mp3 Tracy
Emomc Posts: 2069
Thanks again Tracy got the PM-have the lavender oil already packed but will put in the clary sage too (I have been taking baths with this in the evening)
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
Hi At 14 days over I was induced and like you I was scared sh1tless of getting the drip but here's my experience... I was not dilated at all and my cervix was prosteir (sp) I was given the first dose of gel at 5pm and told nothing would happen that night and to get some rest and they'd give me the second dose the next morning. Its a funny feeling like a tingle right up you once it goes in - if you've ever used durex tingle its exactly whats its like :) I sent DH to a friends house for the night nearby. At about 1am I felt funny and I heard a little pop and I stood up my own waters went. The midwife told me to try and sleep as nothing would happen until the next day. But I was so excited I couldn't sleep!! I started to get niggly pains which got a little stonger until about 6am (DH came in then too) so I went and had a bath. I just tried to stay calm. I couldn't get the second dose of the gel because my own waters had went. Anyway at 8am I still wasn't dilated so I was put on the dredded drip!! but it was actually OK because I was hooked up to the machine I knew when to expect a contraction and when to stop chatting and start concentrating on my breathing. They had to turn the drip up in stages so its not just WHACK a massive contraction! after they turned it up about 3 or 4 times I took the gas and air again I felt I was in totall control as I could see the build up of the contraction before I could feel it so the gas kicked in before the contraction came. I just kept visualising I was skiing up the mountains that were the spikes on the monitor and once it peaked it was over. I still wasn't dialating and the baby's head was still too high up so turning up the drip to the highest wasn't going to do anything. I decided to take the epi as I was exhausted. This was about 5pm the following day. They were able to turn off the contractions while I got the epi then put it straight up to the max and I couldn't feel a thing. Now I ended up with a section as after another 4 hours I was still only 2-3cm and babies head was still not down. It turns out all my aunts were the same so I was probably always going to end up with a section. I had a good experience with the induction so please don't be frightened, the midwives are fantastic and you will be fantastic too Good luck and I hope you meet babs soon
Emomc Posts: 2069
Thanks for posting your story Mrs Sunflower. I actually did a forum search last night and came across your story then. I appreciate your good wishes :thnk
silíní Posts: 4219
I was induced at 37 weeks. I had always been terrified of induction. Had cytocin drip and had my waters broken first (had sweep before this which just gave me contractions but no dilation). Cyntocin drip brought on contractions hard and fast so i had epi straightaway. Had a really good experience overall, and would have no problem being induced again. Hope that sets your mind at ease somewhat. I have two friends who were induced who didn't have epi and it was all fine too. Gas and air and breathing are fantastic. You will be surprised by how effective the good breathing can be!!!! Good luck!
luvlylili Posts: 232
hey... i had induction on the 12th of may! this was my second baby, and after a natural birth and going myself the first time, i was very nervous! i had two sweeps, one at 39weeks and one at 40weeks nothing happened! i have to say i found being induced a nice experience, i found it to be very controlled and it is easier to prepare for. i went into hospital at 8am, had my waters broke at 8.30am,consultant said if pains didnt start by themselves within 2hours they would put me on the drip, i didnt need the gel as my cervix was softened and thinned out, getting the waters broke was nothing, didnt even know it was happening, the midwive asked me did i want to go to the waiting area and watch telly and she'd bring me out tea, so i sat in waiting area til bout 10am, was having mild contractions, bout 10.30am i went on the yoga ball, the pains were increasing in strength and length, bout 11.30am i started on the gas and air, at 1pm i got the pethidine, at 2.30pm i got the tens machine, at 3.15 i started pushing and my ickle baby girl was born at 4.06pm... i found the whole experience alot nicer than my first birth, i didnt need the drip as the pains started themselves..