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mrsbroody Posts: 6
hi girls, am totally new to this - am two years married and only now discovering WOL - how easier my wedding plans would have been... I'm looking for info on adoption in ireland and how it works, what time frames are involved and how foreign adoptions work. my problem is that we have just learned we will almost certainly have problems conceiving and even then, may not have more than one baby if successful... we've both always wanted a large family so I'm trying to find out what options there are with adoption. Haven't mentioned it to DH yet as i'm just trying to get informed at the moment... if anyone has any info, or links to places with info, i would really appreciate it. sorry if this is a downer for anyone ttc but am going through a really rough time at moment and looking for some alternatives...
gbirishgirl Posts: 246
Hi rebelgirl... I found the following website which should hopefully answer the questions you have... Best of luck! gbirishgirl
mrsbroody Posts: 6
thanks gbirishgirl
Spice Bride Posts: 558
If you ring up your health board then will be able to give you information. I'm in Dublin and they seem to hold meetings every month or so. You get your information pack at the meeting (they seem to make you attend the meeting before giving out the info). For Dublin there is a 2 1/2 year waiting list before you're met and assessment then takes roughly 6 months before you get your declaration. Depending on which country you adopt from you then have a further wait - China is 18 months at the moment, Russia is maybe 6. Obviously these times can change. Believe that you need roughly €30k for Russia and €10k for China, not that money is the main issue but just to be aware. We were advised that the best people to speak to is someone who has already been through the process. Good luck.
mrsbroody Posts: 6
sorry, haven't been able to go online all of this week. thanks so much girls for the information, like you say it's best to talk to someone who's been through it already. think i'll leave things settle for a couple of months and look at it again then after i've talked to hubby. thanks again