info on semi priv in Holles st??

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snuggler Posts: 1296
Hi, Im lopoking for info and advice on going semi p in Holles st? I have vhi plan B... how much do i have to pay hosp? and how many scans will i have in hosp? how did you find it? tks x
NewMom1 Posts: 1252
hi snuggler, we had to pay 240 first off and then 120 for scan- on hubbies company plan so not sure if its the same thing or not, just the one official scan but midwife and consultant did one each time we saw them, still have a few appts left though! Posts: 229
Price has gone up a lot since then.Think its around 700 now.You get one scen at the 22 week...although we got a mini scan too weeks later.That was pure chance though as there was a scanner in the room. Had to pay 110 for another scan when I went in a bit worried one day. Major queues in the crap semi private clinic.Treated like cattle.Get 5 minutes with the consultant.No guarantee he/she'll even be there.I didn;t get to see mine till I was WELL pregnant.Always got a replacemnt doctor or student. Anyway, I've heard the facilities when you go into hospital to give birth make it worth it ie.cleaner rooms and less people in your room.So that might sway you. Just be prepared to be disappointed with what you're paying for at each visit.Its always stressful there.
bumble Posts: 1980
Prices went up on Jan 1st 2009. You now pay €500 on your first visit and your VHI will pay the rest. You do however have to pay for your scans - you will get an anomaly scan at 18 - 22 wks (mine is booked in for 19wks) and the cost of that is €120. Everything else is covered. My consultant has a mini scanner in his room so i got a mini scan at the 1st apt. So basically I've so far paid €500 and I have my anomaly next week which'll cost €120 and that's all i'll have to pay. My VHI will be covering the rest. HTH.