Ingrown Toenail and 20 weeks pregnant

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blondiechick Posts: 1641
Girls, I am crippled with an ingrown toenail. It's all red, swollen and soooo sore. :eek I've booked into a chiropodist tomorrow to get it seen to. Just wondering a couple of things.....can I get aneasthetic in my toe in the event that he has to cut a bit off? Is it safe? Also, has anyone else got an ingrown toenail fixed when pregnant...what happened? How was it done? And lastly, anyone know how much a chiropodist costs??? Funds are super-tight at the moment so I am hoping it won't be more than 50 Euro!! Thanks ladies
mtv Posts: 935
last time i went i was charged €35 but i knew the lasy personally. soak the toe in salt and water to tie you over till 2moro.
blondiechick Posts: 1641
Thanks MTV, went to chiropodist today...charged me 40 Euro and the relief since he did what he did (won't go into details...too gross!). Thanks again :thnk