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NemoFish Posts: 2501
What (if anything) are you getting inscribed on your rings? Names? Date? Or something else?
CestMoi Posts: 2162
We got Love X (hubbies name) and the date. The jeweller was doing it for free and gave us examples of what could be used. The inscription takes up nearly half, and with the stamps on the ring there isn't a whole lot more room on it.
bubblyblonde Posts: 1353
We did the same Love Bubblyblonde and the date :wv Depends on how much room you have inside the ring too :wv
Starbar2010 Posts: 1261
I want to put Accidently in Love with date. Shrek 2 was our first date and the song means something as we did fall in love accidently while I was with someone else
Charli09 Posts: 235
We have both our names in the ring and the date of our wedding in full. This way H2B has no excuse if he ever forgets our anniversary :o0
Starbar2010 Posts: 1261
Thanks :-8 He decides whats going on mine so I wont know until the day probably but that is so long away *)
sunny505 Posts: 1807
X M'anam cara - soulmate.
chaos Posts: 1904
hubbie has My Wife - My Best Friend and i have the initials of my husband my best friend as i couldnt fit the full words on
SuziQ Posts: 428
My aunt told me about a wedding programme she watches on a sat night think its called wedding planners its set in the usa anyway one woman got "put it back on" inscribed on her hubbies ring :eek I having forever & always H2b Name 10.7.10 and hes having forever & always SuziQ 10.7.10. We're also getting tattoos on our ring fingers that wont be visable when the rings are on but it will be My Hubbies name on top and date of wedding underneath joined by a weave/scroll pattern!!
spain2010! Posts: 83
SuziQ, I was just going to write about that inscription that was on the US show! I saw that and I thought it was really funny and would be fun to do as a laugh! :o0 In one of the bridal magazines I saw an ad for a place that puts OH's fingerprint or signature on the inside of the ring. I think that is a really lovely idea :lvs I would love to do this.