Insect/Mosquito Repellent when pregnant

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EHRK Posts: 82
Hi there, I don't ask too many questions as it appears that all topics are covered. I couldn't find anything about insect/moquito repellent. I am off to Spain at the weekend and Doctor told me to avoid "Deet" in repellents. I called into Boots yesterday and they have only one spary which says ok for pregnant women and it contains "Deet"!!! Any suggestions as the unfortunately the f**kers always find me and have a great meal. I have called the hospital and am waiting on them to come back to me with suggestions. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Have you ever tried tea tree oil lotion? My sis gets eaten alive and finds that tea tree lotion works for her. Also increasing amount of vit B in system (eg. marmite) also has worked for her though I'd be abit reluctant to ingest more vitamins now. :wv