Insights-When pregnant do you dress to hide or emphasise it?

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Solar Powered Posts: 548
So Ladies, am at 5 and a half months now and I really feel I have popped in the last week or so. Have seen so many people I sorta know in work starting confusedly at my tummy and it got me thinking. Do you try to disguise or emphasise the bump? And why? I think I was trying to disguise it for a long time. We were finishing a big job in work that I had a lot of responsibility for and I think I wore loose enough clothes so it wouldn't bring me being pregnant into how well I can do my job. I felt like I'd something to prove and that I needed to protect against people being promoted above me while I'm on Maternity Leave. Now I'm starting to switch into wearing the more obvious maternity wear as I start the process of training up my replacement and it just got me thinking as I said. Any thoughts from yourselves?
rosiemama Posts: 3363
Emphasise it! I'm already quite big at 4 months as this is my fourth. If I wear loose / baggy clothes I just look fat and frumpy, especially as I have a 7 month old baby so people would just assume I hadn't lost my baby weight. I kind of want them to know that it is a bump lol I didn't so much on my first but I was quite neat and got away with wearing normal clothes a lot more, but my last pregnancy and this one there is no way I was fitting into normal clothes, so have gone all out with maternity dresses, slogan tees etc.
Busbybabe Posts: 562
I am only starting to get a bump now so up until about 3 weeks ago I was hiding it as to be perfectly honest it just looked like I was eating too many mars bars. I also wanted to see the astonishment when workmates realised I was pregnant and hadn't guessed a thing. Now I am wearing stuff to flatter my bump.....but some people still haven't copped :o0
mrspatpat Posts: 380
I wore whatever fitted to be honest. near the beginning you can get away with wearing baggier clothes without looking too frumpy but as the bump gets bigger you tend to look more like a tent if you don't wear more fitted clothes. I tended not to emphasise my bump till it looked like it was an actual pregnancy bump and not just a bit of a tummy. I was about 5 1/2 months when I started showing properly though saying that I was talking to an old friend at 8 month and we were talking a good 10 minutes before he noticed the bump, I was huge and waddling at that stage. Some people just aren't very observant......
Doozer28 Posts: 881
For me it just depends on what stage I'm at, I'll dress to hide it until I have a proper bump & it no longer looks like I've put on weight (which I have anyway!). Definitely emphasize once a lovely round bump appears though.
Little Miss Hopeful Posts: 1193
I don't really consciously do either , I do find I look like Humpty Dumpty if I wear jeans and a top but find dresses much more flattering, so dress black tights and boots have become my staples. Overall looking at other pregnant women I really dislike the leggings and short top look or the baggy track suits - it seems to be a very popular look at my antenatal appointments!!!!
Bluebear Posts: 1594
I loved having a proper bump- only time in my life I didn't have to worry about sucking my tummy in :o0 I hated the in between stage though where I'd outgrown my normal clothes & going up a size made me feel fat & frumpy rather than pregnant.
Buttercup x Posts: 535
I just dressed in what felt comfortable, i didn't overly dress to hide or emphasise it. I'm finding dresses and tights much more comfy than trousers. I did invest in a few maternity bits as I really did feel a lot nicer in them. I tried a few 'normal' bits in bigger sizes and they just made me feel frumpy and didn't flatter my shape at all. I'm quite short (actually very short!)