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Ceana Posts: 1387
Hi Guys I'm currently out from work with back problems & I have been getting inter cert social welfare forms to fill out to sent to social welfare. I'm due to get my Final cert next week to send off but Im just a bit confused as it says that the doctor has to state that im fit to return to work, even though my maternity leave will begin. I'm due to begin my maternity leave on the 15th Feb, so does the doctor then put the 15th Feb that im fit to return to work, even though i will be on materntiy leave then. Sorry if this is all so confusing. I would appreciate any feedback on it, as I dont want to have my pay messed up. Thanks
strangeangel Posts: 1269
Ceana, if in doubt call the dept to check, but I would guess he would put the date as the date you would be ready to return to work as if you weren't going on ML, and then you put that date down on your ML form as the date your ML will commence.
Ceana Posts: 1387
Thanks Strange_angel - that makes sense to me now. Thanks again :thnk :thnk