internal scan @ 6.5 weeks - would you see heart beat?

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swissgirl Posts: 2301
Hi guys, At 6.5 weeks would you see the babys heartbeat on an internal (vaginal) scan? Or is it too early. I have one on Thurs (and am working myself up into a frenzy O:| ) Thanks swiss
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
I didn't have a scan that early, so I don't know for sure ... but all I can say is try not to get so worked up. If they see it, great, but even if not, they should be able to tell by measurements etc if everything is going ok.
MINI DONKEY Posts: 2499
gemini chica Posts: 2581
Ye they defo seem to go more on the size baby is measuring than the heartbeat at that stage, I had a transvaginal one at 7w+2d and we could see and hear the heartbeat so its possible I would say but I also wouldnt worry if you can't as it is still early.
swissgirl Posts: 2301
Thanks so much guys. I really appreciate it. Ill let you know how it goes. x sg
Emme Posts: 4735
Same as the others, also even though you may be 100% sure of your dates the scan may tell you otherwise. I was 4 days out and it made all the difference in the world. Doc could barely see baby at 6 weeks, had another scan at 7 weeks and there was baby and heartbeat but turns out I was onlu 6w3ds. I wouldn't get scanned so early again. It was unneccessary worry in my case!
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Probably not swiss. I had one at 8 weeks as was told there would be little chance of seeing a heartbeat before then. So don't freak out if you don't. Best of luck - keep us posted.
chy Posts: 61
I had an internal scan at 6.5 weeks and yes the heartbeat could be seen. I say it like that becuase I was too transfixed just staring at it I didn't notice it and it wasn't explicitly pointed out to me!! She turned on the speaker so I heard it ok, phew! Was asked by a midwife friend a few days later did I see it and when I said no she went all quiet and weird on me :ooh . But I asked DH later and he said he saw it, so along with hearing it I didn't feel too bad, just unobservant :-8. Had scan this morning at 10 and a bit weeks and saw it then so happy now :o0 Word of warning though, it could depend on the machine they use and how up-to-date and sensitive it is...