Internal scan at 8 weeks what to expect

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BlueP Posts: 238
I am 8 weeks and 3 days and had first visit with midwife today. Told her have scan booked for 12 weeks and blah blah after chatting about a minor heart murmur I have and a few tiny twinges she just picked up the phone and booked a scan for me for Thursday. I didn't even ask and was a bit shocked. Going to tell boss tomorrow my news as I want to take Thursday off now. What should I expect from an internal scan, am a bit freaked out and I don't know why!
strangeangel Posts: 1269
I had a private scan before 8 weeks and external was fine, so you may not need it to be internal. I saw what basically looked like a smudge with a heartbeat :) Best of luck with it!
ohsotired Posts: 7071
My early scan was internal - also had an internal one done last year as I have a tilted uterus so to see inside they had to go internal. It is absolutely fine - you should go with a full bladder as they will try external first. If they can't see what they're looking for you will be sent to empty your bladder (best wee you'll ever have!!) and then the probe is inserted - they put a condom over the probe as well as KY Jelly so it inserts very easily - we saw the sac and a lovely strong heartbeat at 7+1 via internal scan so it was worth the minor discomfort! All in all, a walk in the park compared to child birth I'm sure :o0
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
I had to have internal "wand" exams on both pregnancies and although they weren't dignified, they weren't painful. If you wear a skirt rather than trousers it's a bit easier as you have less to strip off!
mrswifey Posts: 775
I was really nervous about my one too, so I totally sympathise!!! It is not as bad as you are probably imagining. Assuming it is internal, you will be lying on the bed with your knees bent and a little blanket over you - which is good as you feel marginally less exposed! They have a little wand type thing that they insert into you - it's long but not thick, so it should feel fine going in - they do poke it around a little so they can see everything properly, but it shouldn't be sore. If it is, just say it to them! They are looking at the screen rather than at you, so again another thing that makes you feel less exposed. I had mine at 7wks 3 days and we saw essentially a little snowman shaped thing and got to see the heartbeat - was totally surreal!! Best of luck!