Internal scan - where/when?

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cobby Posts: 250
Hi, A lot of ladies here have mentioned a scan quite early on from 6-8 weeks. Was that at your first docs appointment or at a later time at the hospital? Do you need to go to a doc to confirm your due dates before you go to a hospital or can you just go direct? Not really sure what the first step should be given that most of you here have said a lot of docs don't bother doing a test. What are you paying for on your first visit? If there is a chance for a scan that would be great. Would love some peace of mind that everything is ok. Thanks,
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Hey Cobby, congrats. There is a post at the top of this which is something like just got bfp - newly pregnant - should have some info for you. If you have done a test there is no need to go to GP to confirm however they may be able to answer your questions as to what happens next. where are you in the country? Different maternity hospitals seem to have different procedures. The GP usually take you at your word or will test again and will sign you up for combined care. This means you alternate apts with hospital and usually starts at 12wks so you may have to pay for this first apt with GP. Do you know where you want to attend? Some hospitals outside Dublin (i think CUMH) require GP to do bloods. Do you know what type care you want - public, semi p or private? Again some hospitals require letter from GP. Also most GPs do not have any scan equipment so can't offer this. I think anyone who has had an early scan either went privately or were in the hospital due to previous miscarriage or threatened one. TBH I'd just phone up the hospital you want to attend and ask for info and try to get booked in asap as usually your first apt could be as late as 20wks and it is this apt where you will get possibly your only scan. Again this depends on the hospital as some offer apt in hospital at 12wks and 20wks. If they require bloods or letter from GP just say that you will send it in as you have apt with GP later. Congrats again and don't forget to ask any questions you have.
Babystar Posts: 195
Unless you are having problems (eg bleeding, previous miscarriage etc), you will not get an early internal scan. People who have early scans usually get one because they have go to the emergency room at the hospital due to problems. If things are going well but you want extra reassurance, you could pay for a private scan at one of the private clinics (usually from 8 weeks onwards and an external scan). First doctors visit is really just to answer any questions, check blood pressure and let you sign up for free pre-natal care (some docs won't charge for that visit either, but most do!).
cobby Posts: 250
Thanks a lot for the info. I made an appointment at the hospital and they have said to visit the doc next week as it is a combined scheme.