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meowwww Posts: 295
I have an interview next week but I reckon the owner of this place is friends with my current boss, He mentioned he is going to a weddin on Friday and my boss is getting married. Does he have the right to tell my boss or is their a confidentiality thing there.
Little Angel Posts: 913
He should not mention as it is a confidentiality thing and could land himself in big trouble over it so dont worry!!
sorcha25 Posts: 532
I guess it depends on the job but why would it be confidential. i owuld ring and say iw ould prefer u would contact me before mentiomning it to nayone in my current job as i'm sure u would understand how uncomfortable that would be for me.
meowwww Posts: 295
Its just that its a small town and he may not want to poach staff from a frined and Im left with no job for goign for it or am I being completely paranoid