Intimate question about a low lying placenta @ 23 weeks

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23leanne Posts: 761
Hi, I had my big scan on Wednesday past and all looks good with baby. However the sonographer (I think thats what u call her!) said that my placenta was anterior and lying a little too low for comfort. She said they like it to be 4cm from cervix and mine was 2.5cm away. She said not to worry and that it would liley move up as I and my utuerus continues to grow. She has sceduled me in for another scan at approx 34 weeks to check if it has moved. She didn't mention anything but when I came home I did some research and it mentions no sex amongst over things. :-8 Just wondering is this only for placenta preavia (sp) and or when placenta covers cervix completly. Don't want to risk anything I shouldn't ! :)
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
I was similar at that stage, and the placenta moved fine as my womb stretched. It's fairly common and will be well monitored to be sure all is ok. I wasn't given any recommendation for what to do (or not do!), never even heard the term placenta previa until I was told it had resolved, only to get to the hospital immediately if I had any bleeding at all. Luckily, I never did and all was well. Given how pregnant women are warned off pretty much everything for the duration, I'd guess you would have been told if you had to avoid anything, including hanky panky >:o)
keyra Posts: 801
I have a placenta previa at the moment, hoping it will move up before my due date but i am booked in for a section so im doubting that it will move far enough to allow a natural birth. I wasn't told much at my scan in the hospital but, like you, i have been doing a bit of research and noticed that sex is not allowed so we are avoiding it just in case, dont want to do anything that might cause bleeding.
Lovemyboy Posts: 641
I would imagine they would of told you if u needed to avoid it, my sister had same thing and it moved by week 35 so hopefully it will for you too :o)ll
proud mamaof1 Posts: 825
I was told I had a low lying placenta on my big appt too and was brought back at 34 weeks. My baby was also lying transverse (sideways). I went back to my 34 weeks scan and the placenta and baby had both moved and is now engaged for the last number of weeks. We were also told to be careful if getting intimate and my DH has well kept to that. He is frightened he will feel the baby or something :o0 :o0 I have him on strict orders now that we should DTD >:o) >:o) as the time is drawing nearer as "every little helps" Only .05% of cases don't move so I wouldn't worry too much about it